Jun 242011

Anne Novis asks for your help:

Hi everyone I need your help.

I have been an advisor to the EHRC disability harassment inquiry.

They have asked me for any evidence of any hostility directly related to government comments, speeches, news releases etc

There has to be a direct link so say someone says something that is the same as what MP etc has said

Or newspaper article comments which indicate hostility related to info in article about disabled people, benefit fraud, motability, work shy etc etc

I know the info is out there but trawling through all forums etc beyond me I will collate all links and info and send to EHRC

please send to Linda Burnip linda_burnip@yahoo.co.uk or comment here.


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  2 Responses to “Help needed for disability harrassment enquiry”

  1. I had two negative experiences in the last 6 months that I will put into the debate for you.

    I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and althoughh can walk a little am wheelchair dependant when out of the house to get from A – B.

    1) around January/Feburaray when we had the heavy snow I went out shopping one day with my partner and we realised when we got into town that we had forgetten the cashcard, so he decided to leave me in a local cafe while he returned home to get it. The doorway was narrow but we were confident that we could get the wheelchair in without me having to get out and risk slipping in the snow, but once inside it was clear that there was no room to stay in the wheelchair so I got out and folded it up to sit on a seat only to hear comments about how I was “a fraud, a fake, disgusting, a theif and everything that was wrong with this country” comming from the customers sitting on one of the other tables – I was mortified, when my partner returned and I told him what had happened he complained only to be told it was all in my head and had never happened.

    2) I rang into a radio talk show to discuss disability and employment. I explained my situating why it was difficult/impossible for me to work due to the combination of my condition, medication, treatment and personnel care needs; and was told by one of the other callers “well Stephen Hawkins works so what’s your excuse – your not as sick as him?”

  2. Linda knows of work of After Atos. not got an MP but taped of Atos recruitment which virtually has them damning themselves. Lot of things shared regularly on Facebook After Atos Assessment and once had a site with info. Feel free to trawl.

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