Apr 262011

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Millions are set to be affected by savage cuts to housing, disability, sickness and welfare benefits. Disabled people, those with long term illness, the unemployed, single parents, carers the low waged, part time students, volunteers, homeless people and college students are all likely to see a devastating drop in disposable income with many slipping even further below the poverty line.

Thursday 12th May, 7pm

Speakers: the solicitor from Irwin Mitchell who has just won a case preventing Birmingham City Council changing eligibility criteria for care funding, Linda Burnip, Disabled People Against Cuts; Michael Bradley, Right to Work

Unison offices, 19th floor McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway. B4 7NN

Friday  13th, May, 12 noon

Outside Waterstones bookshop opposite bull statue in Bullring centre join us for leafleting and street theatre ‘ The Computer Says NO’ an adaptation of a Brighton Benefit Campaign play.

Demo at the Daily Mail 14th April

Demo at the Daily Mail 14th April


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  2 Responses to “Birmingham: Benefit Cuts – Who are they targeting? How can we stop them?”

  1. I can assure you!
    the right to Independent-living is,
    enshrined in law*
    proof. V
    2 Independent living as a human right – United Kingdom Parliament
    http://www.publications.parliament.uk › … › Human Rights

  2. Time to fight back people and mobilize our forces. We don’t have to take this in the long term. In the short term we have ‘challenges’ ahead of us, but the first battle is the “information war” and we need to make sure that rags like the Sun and the Daily Mail and even the BBC News website hears the reasonable voice of opposition and that we counter their vile and odious propaganda.

    I would suggest we look to long term action against this government, as the system they have just put in place will not be easily dismantled, but we can throw spanners in the works by disrupting ATOS – the Orwellian and cold-hearted robot, and keep applying pressure through demonstrations and other forms of more ‘direct’ action.

    The current system is an absolute joke and applying pressure to the vulnerable is outrageous, when we all know how these architects who currently govern us misappropriate funds and are complicit in schemes that are squarely immoral and in some instances utterly debased – like the war in Afghanistan for instance.

    Do not lose heart!! They have the power at this time, but they are going to fall and fall hard.

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