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In a previous blog, in conjunction with Beyond Clicktivism,  we have said that DPAC will be working on getting a map online in solidarity for disabled people who cannot make it to the 26thMarch rally.

We have an e-mail account where you can send a short message – please not stories but you can add a photo/image (please make it a small file – like a thumbnail) with it – with your post code, just the first part to be able to position on the map but not to actually pinpoint your actual address. And if you do not know how to change the size of your photo, we can do it for you. But the more you do, obviously, the more you can help us to get as many in as possible.

I give you an example

example of image Name to be displayed on message(do not forget to send a photo or an image if you would like to add that)

Eleanor L.

Post code CV1

Message – I wish all success for a powerful message of the disabled people against the cuts  in protest! I am there in spirit and will be looking eagerly for news. I am a wheelchair user and am angry at the attack of the Tory lead Government against disabled people with the cuts – which affect all of us, with visible and invisible impairments. Solidarity with everybody who is marching!

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  96 Responses to “Email us your protest to be in Solidarity with the Protesters on the Streets on 26 March online”

  1. although i can’t be there myself i hope everything goes well. my postcode gl167rg.

  2. Couldn’t make it due to mental health problems causing problems with travelling to London and not coping witbh crowds. I am with you in spirit – why should those with disabilities be targeted as they seem to be. We didn’t cause the crisis.

  3. hi …am watching the protest march on tv now …coudnt make it with 3 asd children myself and live far from London. I hope the government take notice that disabled people have a voice and should be heard , these cuts are a serious problem for all of us !


  4. Solidarity!

  5. I am not able to be with you but my support and gratitude go to all those engaged in the march today.

  6. I am watching the march, fully behind your efforts, thank you to those who have made the protest. When will this government listen to its people and stop their insipid divide and rule policies
    Stop picking on the poor and vulnerable, the public sector workers, the NHS, voluntary groups, social services, education, the old and the young.
    There is an alternative – say no to cuts – Stop picking on…..

  7. I would definitely be there if I could stand up for that long. I really hope that this gains momentum. The cuts are having an absurdly damaging effect where I work in FE.

  8. A sofa supporter here. Very unfortunately I can’t join you due to distance and urgent work deadlines but am with you all in spirit.
    Newcastle NE2

  9. I wish you well and support you all; I cannot be there but have lodged various protests online-including a testimony on the false economy site.

    We must beat these greedsters !

    My post code : PL15 9HJ

  10. Can’t make it today because of disability and ill health, but retweeting friends who are there and doing my best in my community to help people facing massive cuts to their benefits and unfair medicals for DLA and ESA. The map is an excellent idea!


  11. Just want to offer all my support to and solidarity with everyone marching today, whether in person or in spirit – this is such an important day to show we just do not accept what this government is doing to all of us.
    London N1

  12. Best wishes to all those on the march today. I’m behind them all the way but couldn’t go myself because of family responsibilities. Why should disabled people, who among others, had nothing to do with the economic crisis, pay the price for the actions of greedy, smug bankers, who did cause it?

  13. Couldn’t make it to the march today – young kids, a long way from London etc. Really wanted to be there – with everyone in spirit. This government of old Etonians looks like it wants to destroy our society, kicking the weakest and running down the economy. Hope the march makes a difference.

  14. Sending a message to support all those marching today. Strongly hoping that those making decisions will take heed. There ARE ways forward alternative to those selected by the present government.

  15. A huge, virtual shout of support to everyone on the march today from Leith, Edinburgh. Can’t be there in person but there in spirit!

    EH6 8QW

  16. Intended to come, but can’t find a willing escort. Feeling shamefaced, but I’m walking online and with you all.

  17. Can’t be there in body, bloody hurt too much, but my spirit is on that march with you all. This despicable government are sicker that any of us could ever be. They would cut the legs from under us & will at every chance. They may think they’ve found the cure but the patient will be well & truly dead by the time they’ve dismantled all that we hold dear Our NHS, our schools & teachers, our libraries, our swimming pools, our much-needed public service workers, our welfare state, the list goes on (& on). From now on only the rich can go to universities to study arts, humanities, physics, languages, history, We will deny our young people any hope for the future, good luck Ken Clarke in halving the prison population. Those of us who will be living (well) below the poverty line may have to take where they find. WE WILL NOT FORGET, maybe that’s why you don’t want any poor historians..

  18. Really wish I could be there tomorrow but unable to stay on my feet for very long! I will be watching the coverage, hoping that the police and media do not distort it into being something nasty.
    Thank you to all those making the effort to go on behalf of others who are losing jobs, services etc.
    Wishing us all the luck in the future.

  19. Support to everyone, disabled and able bodied, on the march and throughout the country. My husband is on the March (he is bipolar) and is also active with the Island Alliance already but I am physically disabled and can’t make the pace with you on the March. Here on the Isle of Wight the cuts are biting hard already as the majority of us on the Island are already strapped for cash and have to have two, three or more jobs just to make ends meet. These cuts affect all but the very rich. And more to come, when the Prisons, the NHS and the Council complete their planned shed of jobs in an Island where the unemployment rate is way above the national average.

    Best wishes to everyone tomorrow.

    Jane Carter

  20. Disablity means I cannot make the march but my solidarity and good wishes go to all who are fighting these sickening cuts.


  21. I tried to leave a message but I don’t think it got to you. I am 70 and partially disabled and hoped to be there. As I cant make it Best wishes and Good luck to all. Gretting from East Cowes IW PO32

  22. The demonstrations of rage need to continue with increased participation, until this wretched government reverses the proposed cuts to public spending or the Prime Minister and his senior cabinet members resign.
    London E3

  23. The demonstrations of rage need to continue with increased participation, until this wretched government reverses the proposed cuts to public spending or the Prime Minister and his senior cabinet members resign

  24. I wish I could make it on Saturday, but am unable to.
    I believe that we all need to fight these cuts and the road that this government is proceeding down all the way.
    Good luck to all who do make it, from all of us who don’t!
    We’re with you in spirit!

  25. I have sent an email, but posting as well to make sure I get mapped!

    Wheelchair and disability mean I can’t be there physically, but fully supportive in spirit and anger. I condemn the meanness and cruelty of the majority of the cuts and the unfair targeting of people with disability in particular. The vicious level of cuts is unnecessary – it is determined by political ideology, not economic reality.

    Danka, London SE15

  26. I am the mother of a son who lives in residential care, and the proposed loss of the mobility allowance for disabled people in residential settings would very adversely affect his ability to get out and about. Any cuts involving disabled people should be opposed as their lives are difficult enough already.

  27. Its time the people of this country stood together against the Government instead of against each other.

  28. Sorry cant make the protest Housebound with ME/CFS

  29. Sorry – to ill to manage March

    Post Code = DN14

  30. cant make the march but i wish to register my opposition to the welfare reform bill.

    plus the draconian atos medicals

  31. Thank-you people for what you are doing, I hope March 26th finally sends a clear message to this Government.


  32. I would love to be there with you all on the day but due to my mobility problems and other commitments I’m unable to take part. But I’m really glad there are so many people prepared to to make a stand and that I’ve got the opportunity to thank you all for representing me. Thank you so very much. Fight the good fight!

  33. Not sure if my previous email registered and I do want to add my voice.Only wish I could be at the Demo on saturday.Good luck to all and stay safe! postcode ST16

  34. Wish I could be with you. You’re doing a great job organising this much needed protest.



  35. sorry, forgot postcode M46

  36. I can’t make it to London but I will be thinking of you all and thanking you for being there to represent us.

    The cuts from people who haven’t got lots of money will hurt – and money for advice services and councils being cut as well means there will be a lot less support for everyone who loses out.
    Taking money from people who can’t afford it means we will have worse food, less heating, less help, can’t afford transport. This will make a lot of us less healthy with worse quality of life. That will COST the government money when we need more healthcare and need critical social services help.

  37. Disabled people have enough to cope with day in day out without having to deal with these barbaric cuts – Cameron is helping people in Lybia – that is fine but he should not forget the people suffering in his own country and not hurting them not only financially but also mentally.

  38. Wishing everyone sucess for a ‘powerful message’ from disabled people against Govt cuts in protest!
    I would join you today (26th) but am mobility impaired and other illnesses ‘unseen’, and have no carer.
    I am looking after my blind 79 year old father, between us we have workeda total of 90 years and both of us are very angry with this Govt for their attack againt disabled people, with selfish cuts that affect us all.

  39. I will add this even the name of the new benifit is harmful towards many that are struggling to cope. I highlighted this on another blog earlier in the year due to a description of evidence surrounding it. Can’t remember which one it was sorry!

    The point being many disabled are frustrated that they can’t work and to be put on a benifit with a name like that is just a kick in the teeth towards those people.

  40. i ve got p t s d plus both mental and physical i cant go out even to my corner shop. theres alot more people like me out there that CANNOT go to the march. its unfair that are voicess cannot be heard…do it for us. the silent voices……good luck on the 26th…i am with you in my heart…if not body

  41. B13
    I cannot attend the March because of health problems, but I support the protest. We must save the National Health Service and keep it as a public service. It has improved beyond recognition and is doing a wonderful job. Best wishes to DPAC and especiallly to those who manage to attend the march on 26 March.

  42. the condems have enough money to wage war but not to help the sick and disabled, disgusting

  43. on the 15th April this year it would be a year on living solely on Mid Rate DLA as I have refused to attend those assessments. A year suffered of at times long periods of starvation as simply no monies.

    If I had the monies I would be with you all.

    Wishing you all the best.

  44. I was going to attend with Terry Hutt, unfortunatly Terry cannot attend due to an irregular heartbeat, I spoke to him a few hours ago….. He is gutted… I will not be attending because of the cost…. £266 for three nights… is Just too much.

    I send all my admiration and support to all, who attend London!

    Terry will be on the frontline soon, he sends his solidarity and Support


  46. Good luck to everyone who marches for this great cause, I myself cannot manage to the march due to ill health ut wish everyone the best of luck. Speak for all of us who are disabled and unfit to work through no choice of their own. STOP THIS GOVERNMENT FROM MAKING OUR LIVES MORE HELLISH than it already is with our crippling illnessess.


  47. leave our benefits alone unlike some we need them to survive

  48. Solidarity. Support comes in many forms and change comes not just from the man on the march. Equality for all. Exercise your rights and liberties and freedom

  49. I’m not reallly disabled deaf in one ear but can’t go to the Manchester march I’m doing Street Angels in Bradford that evening. However I will be there i n spirit

  50. good luck to every one involved hope we can make are selfs heard and noticed

  51. Being disabled is difficult enough on a daily bases with little or no respite, government cuts will effect us all but being abled bodied you can ride the storm, for us it has a much greater impact. This is our chance to be heard I only wish I could be there with you all, I am in spirit if not in body. SHOUT LOUD FOR ME.

  52. The latest from the disability alliance is very alarming as ATOS have a new tool to fail everyone. A new rule book to totaly fail everyone unless you are on life support [ they might include this I suppose !!! ] The guidance is called mobilise, you might have heard of the virtual wheelchair, well this goes further. If you can wash, dress make a cup of tea and get to the ESA medical you are Sooooooooo fit !! plus you will be subjected to an imaginary wheelchair test. where is this going, when are we the chronically sick and disabled to see a thought being spared for us. Labour have brought this on us regardless of your political beliefs, handing out money like sweets to all. We also cannot support the mass imigration coming into the country, and I believe if you have contributed into the pot, then the pot is for us when our needs are the greatest, when diagnosed with life threatening diseases, disabled. We shouldnt be subjected to degrading and demeaning medicals, especially when health proffessionals have already declared you unfit. Im afraid the powers that be dont give a fig about individual circumstances, they are determined to subject everyone to the same fate, a fail. I have been fighting my failed ESA medical now for 5 months and feel like giving up some days, as I feel to ill, but no they are not going to grind me down even if it means I draw my last breath giving them HELL. I also did not give up working by choice, the descision was taken out of my hands by my employer [ NHS ] declaring me not fit to work with the prospect of never working again. You all need to be aware that once you fail the ESA your doctor can no longer sign you not fit for work, how can this be right? Who in the DWP has accepted responsibility for your health. It is a move I think is illeagal, as you need to be declared fit by your GP to return to work, being as this has not happened your new employer [ DWP ] has broken employment law, thats how I see it, plus as you are still ill what happens, can someone answer. ? MARCH MY FRIENDS, AGITATE GIVE THEM HELL WE HAVE A VOICE AND ITS GROWING. WISH I COULD BE IN LONDON ON 26th.

    • Do you want to add your protest to the online one? Please email it with your image/photo of you want one added with the first part of your post code.

      • you are more than welcome to post my protest to the online, no image but the first part of my post code is CB9

  53. my wife was made disabled by working leave her alone camron she paid her tax and nat ins shame on you duncan smith

  54. I am sorry I will not be able to attend but we wish you every siccess and we will be with you in spirit every step of the way.

    No matter how much this Government and the DWP say we may be able to work the reality of the situation is we can not.

    DLA and the benefits attached help us to survive each and every day without them what will be the purpose of living.

    Shame on this Government and the previous one. My MP is Peter Hain and I have written conformation from him that he is in agreament with them.

    You have our support.

    • In case I was misleading Peter Hain is in support of the Government.

      Well he started the Welfare reforms didn’t he.

  55. SM1

    I fully support all action necessary to make this selfish government sit up and take notice of all of us who are disabled. Our lives are difficult enough as it is, without being made even harder by a non-caring bunch of politicians who now want to cut our lawful benefits. This cowardly attack on the vulnerable is a true indication of their lack of any sort of decency or morality. I, for one, will fight them all the time I have breath in my body. I am desperately trying to find a way to attend the rally, but if I am unable to, I wish all the marchers well and will be with them in spirit.

  56. Anyone purporting to be christian, muslum, jew, etvc etc cannot possibly want this present government to remian in power and for these appalling benefit changes to go through! What have we come to as a people, when we are happy to sit back and watch the most vunerable in our society be attacked and victimised like this! Hitler did a similar thing, and look how far that went!!!

    There are far more people against this con-dem(ned) coalition government than will manifest itself on the streets on 26th March.

    Power to the Disabled people all over the UK!!!

  57. I’ll be there in spirit… but here in France. Heavy Load fully support the protest. The government should be ashamed after all the pre-election promises.

  58. In solidarity.. Many of us from the north can’t afford to come to London and don’t have support at weekends – we manage on the minimum we get to go to work. If DLA is cut to save a billion why are ATOS earning 3 – 11 billion to reassess people? Couldn’t that money go to living wage jobs for disabled people? So please march and hope you are joined by many non disabled allies. If like me you can’t go, please ask your MP why he or she didnt vote against the welfare reform bill- only 11 labour MPs voted against this bill that stands against out human rights and makes no economic sense. In solidarity, SB

  59. Sick, not scrounging! Benefits are not charity but a system to which people have contributed and the hallmark of a civilised society. Stop the stirring up of hatred against disabled people! Solidarity and respect to the protestors.

  60. This is such a difficult time for disabled people and carers alike. I am disabled and unable to attend, but I offer my support to one and all. It is wrong that, as disabled people, we are being singled out as an easy target to recoup funds. I, along with many, are sick of being forced to jump through hoops, to try and keep our small benefits. Having paid into the system, for many a long year, when the tides turn, it is hard enough, to live with multiple health problems, let alone have a constant worry that there are scores of tick box people, waiting in the wings to do their damdest to make your life even more difficult. This is not a lifestyle choice.

  61. In Solidarity

  62. Wishing everyone sucess for a ‘powerful message’ from disabled people against Govt cuts in protest!
    We would join you all today but – I am mobility impaired with many other ‘unseen illnesses’ and have no carer. I also look after my ‘blind’ 79 year old father.
    Between us we have worked a total of 90 years – without claiming ‘sickness/any benefits’, and are ANGRY at the attack of this Govt. against disabled people with cuts that affect us all. Solidarity!!!
    March right on to the end of the road……….
    B26 and B64

  63. this ‘tory’ led goverment needs bringing down as if these reforms go through its going to be nothing short of ‘barbaric’ for all sick/disabled people and people who become sick/disabled in the future, these cuts/refoms are mainly to give private sector companies tax payers money to run what the councils should be running and the nhs etc etc , but private sector companies are only interested in one thing and thats ‘PROFIT’… i hope every-one comes together and make these politicians ‘LISTEN’

  64. will be thinking of everyone at the march on the 26th . it’s about time people started to listen as our benefits are needed for our survival.

  65. I have worked all my life and still pay my stamp duty . I need these benefits to survive not just to live . Re-think not everyone has help . Not all of us have a support network not all of us can change to suit the economy . We don’t want extra just what we have earned . The right to life .It’s what I will lose .

  66. Over forty years working hard jobs with long hours and now, having developed severe Emphysema, I am treated like dirt by our Government. The Coalition are not only a disgrace to this Country they are a disgrace to Human Kind.

  67. life as a disabled person is hard enough with the day to day worries about health etc
    but worries over money makes things even worse anither stress another worry
    con/lib dem realise we are not all skiving money grubbing scum we are who we are and we have fouight hard and long to get at least something
    i now im getting worse and that doesnt worry me but this with cuts to OUR entiteled benefits makes me worry like mad

  68. Respect and Solidarity !!

  69. We are with you in spirit. My husband is a wheelchair user and I am his full time sole carer. This Tory led government is attacking the very people their pre election spiel insisted were their priority to help!

    • Would you not like to add an online protest that we will be setting out on a map for the 26th? Just add you name, your message as it is here or more with your image/photo with the first part of your post code and email it to

  70. I am a carer for a disabled relative who will be adversely affected by this government’s welfare reforms. He like many others have no one but us to speak for him, and we mustn’t let them down. There is no real opposition to these awful reforms in parliament, disabled people have been badly let down yet again, it is only the people that can speak out by protest both physically and virtual… letter, email and lobbying your local MP (the new social workers of the big society)…if we lose this battle then the welfare state is lost too. I wish the protest every success in the world, it may be the first of many too come, until this coalition wake up and understand the disabled community is fighting back, and they have many friends, and will not be bullied into submission by a heartless and vengeful regime of out of touch millionaire toffs and failed politicians grasping their power like a hungry vulture…………..WE SHALL OVERCOME…..

  71. I paid National insurance for 40 plus years to get the benefits I now need
    Rights not handouts

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