Jul 162013

A Q&A was held on July 4th at Southwark Independent Living Centre with ConDem MP Simon Hughes and Labour Councillor Neil Coyle.  


Although Hughes tried to talk the time out (spoke for over 20 mins of the hours set aside for the session!) and he and the Labour councillors played political football, THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT.

There was a furious response from the people who attended – about 70 disabled people, carers and support workers.  Excellent questions were asked and Disabled People’s Organisation Southwark Disablement Association who had organised the event made sure those of us with prepared questions were able to speak.

Several people came up to SDPAC members after and said they were really pleased to hear confident and clear political challenges on what are, for many, life and death issues and we collected quite a few signatures on the bedroom tax petition.

Hughes actually showed himself up as hopelessly ignorant and actually tried to defend the bedroom tax.  He left looking very uncomfortable indeed.  Neil Coyle was passed one of the leaflets to announce the bedroom tax protest when he was summing up.  He said ‘I don’t want my photo being taken with this leaflet’!  We laughed like drains. He talked left and played to the gallery but we challenged him to stop the bedroom tax and turn words into action.



May 302011

From the http://www.boycottworkfare.org/ website

Welfare Uncut!

Take action on 7 June: Welfare “reforms” don’t fool us!

On 7th June, a conference at the Royal Society will bring together those who will play a role in “the biggest shake up of the [welfare] system for 60 years”. In the same week, the Welfare Reform Bill looks set to return to parliament for its third reading.

We’re not fooled by the proposals for “reform”: we know they mean abolishing our rights to welfare.

While the conference may include some speakers who challenge aspects of the government’s plans, its blurb reads like a DWP press release. We’ve helped decode some of the spin below. Come along and help us do the same on the day…

[Spin] “a simplified welfare system that encourages and incentivises people to find work”

[Unspun] Don’t want to work without wage for Primark, Tesco’s, Sainsburys, Poundland or the like? Or be forced to “volunteer” in a charity shop? No benefits for you then.

[Spin] “maintain standards of living”

[Unspun] …for Financial Times readers. If you’re sick or disabled, we’ll ask private company Atos to re-assess you so we can stop your money.

[Spin] “…more affordable”

[Unspun] We’ve heard Primark are delighted they can now get free labour in the UK as well as their sweatshops.

[Spin] “ensure dignity in later life and make increased pension saving a reality”

[Unspun] Did we mention we gave your pension to the bankers?

[Spin] “break the cycle of welfare dependency”

[Unspun] Can’t be dependent if there isn’t any welfare!

Be there from 9am, Tue 7th June, at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. (directions linked here)

More info on:

Claimants’ resistance and the private company profiting from throwing sick and disabled people off benefits.

Boycott Workfare.