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Take action on Monday 27th January while poverty profiteers gather at Capita’s ‘Welfare reform’ conference

While millions of people struggle to eat or heat their homes, and thousands of families face eviction, foodbanks and homelessness due to sanctions, bedroom tax and loss of disability benefits, Capita cashes in with conferences for Lord Freud (Minister for Dismantling Welfare) and his workfare collaborators.

boycott workfare

You could pay £350 – £575 (plus VAT) to join all those snouts in the workfare trough at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel. Or you can let them know what you think via twitter, email, phone – follow the links below.


We’ll post the conference hash tag as soon as we have it so you can join in the discussions on the day (or you can check out @capitaconf and their inspiring #capitaconf hashtag to see for yourself). You could also use the DWP’s #job2014 hashtag. The DWP are making a big effort to improve their social media presence – the least we can do is increase their footfall @DWPgovuk

The aim of the conference is to get ‘partners’ who make money from it ready for the next stage of ‘benefit reform’, with a special focus on ‘shifting the culture’. Let’s shift it in another direction!

In addition to the DWP’s own Lord Freud, (one of the chief architects in paying the private sector to dismantle welfare rights aka the great welfare rip off) the organisations below are supporting the event.

Private and voluntary sector organisations making big money from the outsourcing of welfare – let them know (politely) what you think…

Papworth Trust
As they say ‘If disabled people are affected, it’s likely that we’ll have something to say about it.’
Text 07860 021210 and Papworth will contact you.
Email: info@papworth.org.uk


David Martin, Director of Strategy and Marketing will be speaking on the needs of job seekers with disabilities.  He’ll be covering self esteem and self awareness.  We’d like to know if he has anything to say about suicide, despair and plunging people with disabilities into poverty.
D: 01480 357208
M: 07772 197770
E: david.martin@papworth.org.uk

Aspire Housing

Email: enquiries@aspirehousing.co.uk

Sinead Butters CEO  of Aspire will be speaking on ‘achieving social and financial return on investment’ – and ‘delivering enhanced employment and skills interventions to tenants’. Let her know what you think about making money out of workfare and using housing as a route to coerce people into ‘skills interventions’.

Twitter: @SineadBAspire


A2Dominion – another housing association collaborating with the DWP’s benefits cuts agenda.  As part of the ‘digital deal pilot’, A2Dominion are ‘getting social tenants on line as part of preparation for universal credit’.

Fiona Cornell, Deputy Executive Director, will be talking about the digital deal pilot and how it helps the DWP to spy on and harass claimants
Twitter: @A2Dominion

Tomorrow’s People  ‘making life (low pay/no pay) work’

TP are major players in the forcing young people to work for nothing industry.

Steve Swan, Tomorrow’s People Director of Welfare to Work will be holding forth on how to push those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged into the new growth industry of low pay, no pay jobs

You can let them know what you think about their schemes for young people:
Twitter: @TPCharity

ATOS Healthcare

Gary Gear from ATOS will be speaking alongside Stephen Duckworth from Capita.

This is the ‘healthcare’ arm of the French IT firm ATOS, well known for making millions out of DWP contracts for ‘work capability assessments’ designed to strip people of out of work sickness and disability benefits.  They are also well known for earning hundreds of millions from WCA and payingno Corporation Tax in the UK.

Local Councils

Lewisham, Wigan and Southwark councils are also taking part.  If you live in these boroughs, why not let them know what you think:  Gerri Scott (Southwark Strategic Director of Housing), Peter Gadson (Lewisham Head of Customer Insight), Alison McKenzie-Folan (Wigan Director of Customer Transformation) and Graham Cadle (Croydon Director of Customer Services).

Lewisham Council
Twitter: @LewishamCouncil

Wigan Council
Twitter: @WiganCouncil

Southwark Council
Twitter: @lb_southwark

Croydon Council
Twitter: @yourcroydon

Citizens Advice Bureaux
Twitter: @citizensadvice

We’re sorry to see CAB taking part.  CAB workers across the country have seen first hand the impact of sanctions, forced unpaid labour, bedroom tax and other benefit cuts.  The evidence is set out in a report from Manchester CAB. So why is Katie Shaw, Head of CAB Welfare Policy chairing this event? Workfare and other attacks on social security and workers’ rights would collapse without the collusion of the voluntary sector.




Jul 272013


Exhibited beyond a red rope barrier, a woman lies in her bed for 30 hours

At Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on Twitter

9 – 10 August 2013


Bedding Out is a 30-hour performance by artist-activist Liz Crow that has emerged from the current welfare benefits overhaul that threatens many with poverty. A propagandist campaign that has seen a doubling in disability hate crime.


At set times on both days members of the public are invited to Bedside Conversations, gathering round the bed to talk about the work, its backdrop and its politics. For those who cannot visit the work in person, there will be two twitter-based conversations.

Bedding Outis a performance in which I take my private self and make it public, something I have not done in over 30 years’ says Liz Crow. ‘In a gallery, over a period of two days, I will perform the other side of my fractured self, my bed-life. Since the public me is so carefully constructed, this will be a kind of un-performing of myself. I want to make a twilight existence visible. But more, I want to show that what many people see as contradiction, what they call fraud, is only the complexity of real life.’


Bedding Outhas previously been performed at SPILL festival and Salisbury Arts Centre where the piece was set over 48 hours. A live feed was viewed by nearly 10,000 people in over 50 countries, generating interest and debate about changes to the benefits system. 



Bedding Out at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday 9 – Saturday 10 August, starts 10.00am

At Hunt & Darton Cafe (Venue 172), 17-21 St Mary’s Street, EH1 1SU

Wheelchair accessible venue, with accessible loo


On Twitter

Follow @RGPLizCrow and use the #beddingout hashtag throughout the 30 hours. Join our Twitter-based Bedside Conversations on Friday 9.00pm, Saturday noon.


Bedside Conversations

Members of the public gather round the bed to talk about the work, it’s background and its politics.

Friday 1.00pm, 5.00pm. Saturday 2.00pm.

Free entry. Duration 45 minutes. Book at Box Office: 0131 556 6550 or www.pleasance.co.uk/edinburgh


BSL interpreter and notetaker available.

www.roaring-girl.co.uk   @RGPLizCrow   #beddingout

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