Sep 252012


linda burnip

linda burnip

Last Tuesday on behalf of everyone who has campaigned for DPAC and marched or protested in the rain with us in any way over the last 2 years I was a finalist in the SMK (Sheila Mckechnie Foundation) awards ceremony in the Economic and Social Justice category.

I spent an interesting afternoon with about 20 other campaigners who were campaigning around all sorts of issues ranging from human trafficking to safer cycling routes. The oldest campaigner there, although she didn’t win an award, was a sprightly lady called  Hetty who was 107 years old and who had started campaigning at the beginning of World War I for peace so maybe I am not as near to true retirement as I thought.

I also found out what canapés are as I’d previously thought they were bits of cheese and things on Ritz crackers so it just goes to prove that you live and learn everyday.

Anyhow we’re obviously very pleased to have this recognition of our hard work and have found many useful contacts already to build further networks through.

It seems a very busy ahead for us over the next few months and we’ll be letting everyone know all the things the steering group and others are doing very shortly.