Apr 112011

This is an urgent call for ACTION in solidarity from the Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights and Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).

From tomorrow until Wednesday ATOS Origin ‘Healthcare’ Ltd. – the notorious organisation that is involved in disability denial as sub-contractors of the unjust “Work Capability Assessment” on behalf of the DWP will be having a stall at the Royal College of Nursing exhibition in Liverpool.

ATOS are about to re-assess 1.25 million sick and disabled citizens and this will result in hundreds of thousands of people being denied their incapacity benefits. 40% of appeals to Tribunal are accepted without representation, 70% among those who are represented.

We disabled people of Britain are staring into a precipice. We are about to fall into it. Many will not live to come through the other side of it as they will die of neglect and suicide. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE.

The grassroots disabled people’s protest movement in Liverpool has yet to take shape. For this reason we are appealing to you, and through you UK UNCUT Liverpool (following your magnificent direct action against BBC Merseyside) and all other people of goodwill who are active on Merseyside, to take direct action against these savages who are perpetrators of the most despicable and greatest injustices in Britain today.

Please contact us immediately for any further details and to let us know if you will help:


John McArdle Tel. 0777 831 6875

—-Sasha Callaghan

Mar 082011

I was invited by Women Against the Cuts to join their demo on International Women’s Day to speak about disabled women and the cuts for DPAC. The event was at Trafalagar Square. There was a good number of women already there and I was happy to spot my good friend Sabrina Qureshi from Million Women Rise – a great event with a march of about +5000 from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Sq last Saturday.

Zita Holbourne was there speaking for Black Activists Against Cuts and she did a poem too, and Pragna Patel from Southall Black Sisters. I was happy to see Sasha Callaghan from Black Triangle in the crowd and I asked her to speak alongside me for disabled women.

I did not realise we were videoed but HarpyMarx posted videos of us in her blog. Thank you!

For a transcript of my speech.

Photos of Million Women Rise on 5th March

Photos of today’s WAC event