Jul 052013

202 – 206 Union Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0LH


Join us outside Remploy headquarters to protest against the closure of a further nine Remploy factories, leaving around 234 disabled workers at risk of redundancy in Leven, Cowdenbeath, Stirling, Dundee, Clydebank, Norwich, Portsmouth, Burnley and Sunderland.

Last year, the UK government announced plans to close 36 Remploy factories following a review of disability employment support. Commitments were made to support disabled workers into mainstream employment and to invest in the Access to Work programme.

A year on and the vast majority of the disabled workers left without employment after the closure of their factories and workplaces are still out of work while the Access to Work budget has been reduced.

The government claimed that the factories were unviable and cited the millions it was costing them to prop up failing factories.  These millions were being spent on layers of non-disabled management including bonuses while they were running the factories into the ground. The many failings and inefficiencies of Remploy were not the fault of the workers who carried out skilled jobs and who are now having their livelihoods taken away from them.

We will gather in solidarity with current and former Remploy workers from 12.15pm. Bring banners and noise.

If you are unable to join us then please send messages of solidarity to mail@dpac.uk.net which we will pass on.