Feb 032014

We are conducting an investigation into the human impact of food poverty, child poverty, payday loans, and benefit caps. Our research will form a part of a wider investigation organised by Professor of Journalism Paul Bradshaw, who is gathering information from across the UK. Our focus is on people living in Nottingham,  and are looking to bring to light issues confronting those groups who are suffering as a result of economic changes in the past three to four years.

We are looking for people to come forward with experiences particularly of using food banks in Nottingham, especially those who have started using food banks in that last few years. We are also looking for people who are payday loan customers, and who have suffered financial losses as a result of using payday loans. If anybody has also experienced financial difficulties or has felt that they have been left vulnerable following changes to the benefits system, particularly regarding benefit caps, we would very much appreciate them getting in touch.

The questions we ask will be directed at understanding the impact of these circumstances on the daily lives of people in Nottingham, and the strains that they are under with reference to any of the issues stated above. Respondents will be encouraged to speak openly about their experiences, however all responses can be kept anonymous if preferred, and we will not publish any information without the express permission of respondents.


Please email editorinchief@impactnottingham.com

Jun 242012

The Prime Minister is proposing denying  under-25s  any housing benefit after the next election.

The National Private Tenants Organisation warn: ‘This could lead to poverty, hardship and homelessness and a generation of
young people trapped at home. This would hit those struggling on a minimum wage in areas of inflated rents and where there is competition for accommodation, particularly hard. Estimates put the number of people under 25 claiming housing benefit at around 380,000.’

Following our meeting with the Housing Minister’s office, they are asking for evidence on how landlords are consulting about the Localism Bill.  They want examples of council and housing association landlords failing to consult tenants fully on any proposed changes in tenancy strategies – eg use of fixed term tenancies and up to 80% market rents; changes to who can go on the waiting list and rehousing for homeless etc.  They also want evidence that 2-year minimum tenancies are being proposed or used other than ‘exceptionally’.  Send any evidence to Housing Emergency: mitchellav@parliament.uk or by post: Austin Mitchell MP, House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

 Can you help?

Tue 26th June      at Brighton Conference Centre   Leafletting Unite union conference – call Eileen 07432 098440  to help

Wed 27th            lobby National Landlords Association in London  Meet 8.30am Vauxhall tube  email housingforthe99@gmail.com to confirm

Sat 30th              Defend Council Housing national meeting 12-4pm Trades and Labour Club 200 Duke St Sheffield  – all welcome

 And let us know if you are organising meetings, protests or lobbies

Eileen Short

for Housing Emergency