Sep 172013

On the 14th October, five ILF users will appeal against the previous court decision that the ILF consultation was carried out fairly at the Royal Courts of Justice. DPAC will be there again and, again have a vigil outside the courts to show support-we will update with further details as they become available.

The initial court case showed that the funds for ILF when transferred to local authorities will cover just one year, something that local authorities did not appear to be made aware of by this Government. A write up from those documents can be found here:

In the meantime you might like to see some of the stories from those at risk of losing the support to independent living at

 As many of you know the Mental Health Resistance Network are appealing against the DWP that the WCA is detrimental to those with mental health issues. DPAC wants to be there to support them.  The appeal will be heard on Monday 21st October to Tuesday 22nd October 2013. The vigil will happen outside the royal courts of justice on Monday 21st October at 12 noon until 2 pm.

The WCA is detrimental to everyone, but the obvious added stress, anxiety and lack of Atos professionalism in gaining supporting evidence is particularly severe for those with mental health issues. This system is breaking and we must keep up the pressure for the inhumane WCA to be scrapped completely, as DPAC has always argued.

 Keep checking the DPAC web or twitter for updates