Aug 252013

Disabled People turn the tables by Assessing the Assessors and find them Not Fit for Purpose.


Friday 6th September 11.30am til 2pm  outside  Atos Healthcare, Gladstone Business Centre, Heathfield Way off Gladstone Road, Dallington, Northampton, NN5 7QA


As part of Disabled People Against Cuts ( ) national campaign to reclaim our rights Disabled People and their allies and supporters will protesting against the continued use the French private company Atos Healthcare to assess people under the governments Welfare programme.  Atos Healthcare and their infamous work capability test has been proven not fit for purpose time and time again. Through the continued use of this crude test ATOS are making Millions of Pounds from the Taxpayers by Finding People fit to Work, and then having to re-assesss them time and Time again by ATOS

According to the Government’s own figures,1,300 people have died after being put into the work-related activity group,2,200 people died before their assessment was complete, and 7,100 people died after being put into the support group.

Disabled People Against Cuts have used non violent direct action and creative protests to draw attention to the devastating impact cuts in services , support and welfare benefits is having on Disabled People and their families and communities.


*Amongst the protest at Atos Healthcare, DPAC Northants will be appealing on behalf of a  special “guest” who has been assessed fit for work.

* Undertaking our own assessment of the Assessors (Atos Healthcare)

* Highlighting to wider general public the devastating impact flawed assessments by Atos has had on Disabled People since Atos Healthcare began assessing People.

* Issuing Atos Healthcare with a Disabled People Against Cuts “Not Fit For Purpose” notice.