May 142019

A memo leaked to us shows that DWP are planning to tell lots and lots of fairytales about how well Universal Credit is working. This is not our experience or the experience of anyone we have contact with. 

On Friday May 31st DWP are launching a misleading advertising campaign with a wrap around on the Metro free paper.  

This is costing quarter of a million pounds of our money meanwhile they have robbed millions from women pensioners, disabled people, women and children all of whom have been pushed deeper and deeper into poverty, and despair. Many have been forced to resort to prostitution and crime in order to survive. 

DWP must be stopped from using the media to spread their lies so we’re calling on all of those affected and those who care about the truth to do what we’ve done with the Mail and Sun before and go to your nearest train and tube station or any other locations where the Metro is given out free and remove or otherwise prevent as many as possible to be read. 

This is nothing short of a propaganda war which we must win. Please ask friends and family to help with this task and share this request on social media. 

We are preparing a dossier to complain to the advertising standards authority but let’s make sure the Metro never want another DWP advert again.



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  2 Responses to “May 31st, everywhere – Remove Metro newspapers”

  1. If the DWP thing is a wrap round, just tear it off and bin it. No need to bin the whole paper.

  2. Has anyone contacted the RMT and Unite (and possibly other trade unions) about this. As the Metro is distributed through transport terminals, the RMT and Unite are in a prime position to get rid of these papers providing it doesn’t put their members at risk of disciplinary procedures. They could at least report where all places where the Metro is distributed so that we can organise for them to be removed. If Unite are not willing to involve bus drivers and cleaning staff at the distribution points then they could ask their community branches to take up a campaign to remove copies of the paper on that day.
    I will contact all trade unions in the North West including the Unite and RMT regional secretaries. I’ll also get Merseyside Stop and Scrap on board. It’s an organisation set up by a number of us, many of whom have links to the Labour party who will hopefully join in.
    Metro – 31 May – Non passeren.

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