Jan 182019


  • Hosted by WinVisible – women with visible & invisible disabilities, DPAC and MHRN
  • Wednesday January 23rd, 13.30-13.45pm at Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL

Supporting legal challenge against Universal Credit by the single mum of a disabled daughter, and a man who was on ESA. Mum and daughter are £140/month worse off under UC than Income Support. Man has lost severe disability premiums.
PHOTOCALL outside court at 1.30pm.
Go into court from 10/10.30 onwards. Court room list here, case of TD and AD https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/court-lists/list-rcj
Case continues Thursday 24 January.

More info: https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/dwp-facing-court-over-claimants-universal-credit-fit-for-work-injustice/



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  One Response to “High Court Vigil- UC cases, January 23rd”

  1. Years ago the ” Legacy Benefits of . DLA . disability living allowance . income support & incapacity benefit ” in real term meant a much less fragile & alarmist tragedy life . I constantly got around £ 360 a month DLA & constantly got around £ 270 every 2 weeks income support & incapacity benefit ”

    This meant ALL my bills were paid ( on time ) my meals were a lot better . I was clothed a lot better . my home conditions were well maintained WITH remaining help I would help relatives & give to charities .

    WHAT I have found with being detained in an nhs psychiatric gulag prison is a ( STOP to my DLA that’s worth £ 360 a month ) a loss of ( eesa £ 128-60 every 2 weeks ) THOUGH . my costs on the ward having to use expensive taxis . expensive payphones . expensive mobile phone top up credit calls / internet data .THEN . property on the ward being either vandalised / stolen .

    THEN at the home address ( filth expensive dirty tricks ) such as to find no one to take care of my home if I am not there such as ( keeping rooms warm’s above 21 degrees c ) THEREFORE stopping mould and black layered stinking residue on walls ceilings & fixings & property . stopping brand new white metal appliances going rusty and finding electrical appliances for some mysterious reason unable to work & needing expensive repairs . THOUGH . finding a home that doesn’t conform to 2009 building regulations such that the neighbour above leaks water through floor boards and causes airing cupboard textiles to be mouldy and stinking & needing to be rectified with a 4 day non stop . washer / dryer cycle at considerable expense . underneath the neighbour above at flat 2 . THOUGH . also finding no landlords cameras installed and finding my home door video intercom vandalised and does not work and also finding home property missing such as . gloves . hats . scarfs . wickes wall paper stripper . THOUGH . also finding when released that my home telephone line disconnected that I had paid ( £ 135 one off install cost & switch on at the exchange then a line rental fee of around £ 30 every 4 months ) cut with a wire stripper and fastened to a neighbours home address without my approval and robbing my property .

    The ” NASTY CLARITY ” means a riches to poverty life & then a Vast List of filth Dirty Tricks & worse health with relatives that were alive those years ago unable to help . BECAUSE are dead else for some reason ignore my call for help telephone calls . THOUGH . life and day to day issues now a truly of ” TORTURE . NASTY CLARITY ” variety .

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