May 022018

May 2nd, 2018

Join us today for the 2nd day of the vigil outside the high court  to support the first judicial review against the Government’s decision to bring in Universal Credit. The case will focus in particular on the removal of the Severe and Enhanced Disability Premiums which will have a devastating impact on Disabled people. When the Government introduced Universal credit they said no one will be worse off, but this simply isn’t true. Research in 2013 estimated that 450,000 households containing a Disabled person would lose essential income.

The case is being taken by Leigh Day solicitors on behalf of a man who is terminally ill and through the removal of SDP and EDP has lost £178 per month.

Vigil called by Disabled People Against Cuts and Winvisible.


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  One Response to “2nd day, today, of the vigil outside the high court for Universal Credit court case – Join us”

  1. I really hope the High Court will see the injustice being done by the Universal Credit. When the government said no one would be worse off under Universal Credit ,to be 100% honest it is not true
    THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING. I really hope the terminally ill person and Leigh Solicitors will prove to the
    High Court that this is an injustice.
    I have a son who has mental health problems who lives in a fully rolled out Universal Credit area and has not been forced on to Universal Credit. I live in Worcestershire and my local council refuse to allow me housing benefit unless i go on to Universal Credit .I reserve the right to refuse to go on to Universal Credit and will wait until the government place ESA migrants on to the Universal Credit next year. If I did go on to Universal Credit now I would lose £60 @ week.I cannot afford to lose it.
    In the meantime I am forced to pay full rent for where I live.

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