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Dear Independent Living Campaign supporter,

You can watch footage and download the papers and briefings disseminated at the national conference on independent living organised by Disabled People Against Cuts in November 2017 here:

We are also finalising a postion paper “Independent Living Support for the Future”, outlining our ideas for developing an independent living support system capable of upholding disabled people’s rights, based on the views and issues raised at the conference. Once we have a finalised version we will circulate for sign up and put in place communications and lobbying strategies to build support for our shared vision.

Updates since conference:

Disability Related Expenditure. Jenny Hurst has put together a template which you are all invited to contribute to in order to build a full picture of all the different things that can be included in DRE. Click the link below to add to it:

The Independent Living Strategy Group has also brought out a list of existing lists that can help when you are thinking what to include as DRE.

REAL’s guidance on DRE:




And the government guidance on disability-related expenditure is available at:  (it’s towards the bottom of the webpage).

Simon Legg from the Spinal Injuries Association has also helpfully pointed out the 2003 practice guidance (attached) has a detailed discussion of disability-related expenditure and is arguably still valid.  He also sent a copy of a judgement which relates to disability related expenditure, also attached.


Campaigning against charging. Inclusion London will be organising a meeting for campaigners concerned about or involved in campaigns against charging – date to be confirmed –  to share experiences, find out about relevant legislation and explore how disabled people in different areas can more effectively co-ordinate to challenge the introduction of harsher policies, monitor their impact and campaign for the abolition of charging. If you are interested to find out more please email


Lobbying government.

We believe it is important that Disabled people’s own voices are listened to within the government’s work-stream on social care for disabled adults. We have been collecting signatories a letter.

There is a Parliamentary inquiry into the long-term funding of adult social care. Inclusion London submitted evidence calling for an independent living support system funded from general taxation and free at the point of need:

 United Nations complaint. We have now heard that the complaint made under the UNCRPD Optional Protocol against the closure of the Independent Living Fund to new applicants has been accepted. The UN have written to the government who have until the middle of May 2018 to respond.

Media. In order to highlight the impact of the continuing social care crisis on disabled people, we are working with Cherylee Houston on features for Tonight and with the film-maker who produced “Dispossession: the great social housing swindle”.

 NICE guidelines on improving the experience of care and support for people using adult social care services: These are broadly positive but realistically are unlikely to change anything on their own in the terms of the cost-driven bad practice we are seeing within adult social care. Inclusion London fed back on the first draft and pleased a number of our recommendations were accepted, in particular that they now explicitly refer to the Human Rights Act which in our experience social care practitioners often do not give consideration to, but the Guidelines Committee refused to explicitly refer to the social model of disability, saying that the guidelines have been written from a social perspective so this is not necessary.  We are also disappointed that they did not make more explicit that cost concerns should not outweigh the needs and wishes of disabled people in care and support planning and assessments.






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