Mar 202018

With an impending high court challenge against the  Access to Work cap, the government has announced it is increasing the cap. They say this will affect fewer Deaf and Disabled people.

DPAC thinks that any form of cap is inappropriate and discriminatory. Any cap hits those with the highest support needs, effectively penalising Deaf and Disabled people with the highest support needs and impacting most on certain impairment groups. The new cap has been increased from 1.5 x the average worker’s salary (£42,100) to 2x (£57,200) but is still a fixed limit set in an entirely arbitrary way whereas costs for highly specialised equipment and good quality professional interpreters tailored to an individual’s needs can exceed this amount or vary from year to year. There is no financial reason for a cap given that investment in Access to Work makes a return on investment to the Treasury through taxes, without taking into account the added cost benefits of savings to the NHS or social care budgets.

The cap is also just one issue within a whole range of problems that Deaf and Disabled people are experiencing with Access to Work. These include administrative and financial errors on a scale that is making employment unviable for many, alongside cuts and restrictions to individual support packages that are placing intolerable strain on Deaf and Disabled people doing their best to stay in work. An urgent review of the scheme in consultation with Deaf and Disabled people is well over due.

Written statement from Esther McVey

See the statement on here.


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  One Response to “After the government’s increase of the Access to Work cap, the cap is still discriminatory”

  1. I honestly do not know what is wrong with these people (the Government). On the one hand they say they want to support people to be in work, then they interfere with the Access to Work scheme to the point where being in work becomes either difficult or even impossible. The stress this is causing is dreadful. The recent increase in the Cap- which never existed before – is still not sufficient to cover the extra costs needed for some people to be in work. The Minister Sarah Newton said it would help the ‘vast majority of people ‘ – it won’t- but she gave no explanation of what would happen to the rest. A legal challenge to the Cap will be heard at the end of June.

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