Feb 282018



Iain Duncan Smith the architect of Universal Credit

Wanted everyone working, yes he said it

Designed with punitive punishment at its heart

Universal Credit is about ripping the welfare state apart


Work more hours!  Go get a job!

Denying you support, DWP cheats and robs

Ramping up sanctions, they simply don’t care

They want you to work for nothing on workfare


Universal Credit is failing, many people say

But the Government are continuing the roll out, come what may

It is now the co production of the DWP and NHS

Universal Credit has had many delays, it’s a bloody mess!


It’s ramping up homelessness and poverty too

This government do not care what it will put claimants through

Abolishing severe disability premiums

We must mount the campaign to stop it and show the government defiance


Data sharing your information, checking if the claimant is cheating

Left with little money, making stark choices between heating and eating

Online forms that are completely inaccessible

Universal Credit is totally incomprehensible


DWP have the nudge unit and behaviour compliance

We now see National Charity Mind and DWP formed an alliance

Psycho Compulsion and forced treatment, to target those with Depression

Go to the job centre for 6 CBT sessions


Making disabled people attend the health and work conversation

If you do not attend it; your money will be rationed

Work coaches with 3 weeks of training

The questions they will ask will be intensive and draining


Do you see friends, do you see family?

What can you do to keep your sanity?

Have you any hobbies, what are you strengths?

Claimants lives turned inside out, the DWP go to any lengths


Can only claim for 2 children, you can’t claim for more

The nasty rape clause in Universal Credit can see your jaw hit the floor

A woman to prove she has been raped, pushed to the edge can’t take anymore

You ask what the government are doing it for


The answer a simple one, to shrink the state

It is ideological, claimants they hate

They want everyone working, not claiming a thing

Causing destitution in the process and the chaos it brings



If claimants give up not claiming, so much the better

Keep harassing the claimants with those brown envelope letters

Stress the claimant and make them cry

Deny support to disabled people and hope many die


Universal Credit is a nasty system, yes it is true

It is harmful and hateful and will put people through

Punitive punishment and sanctions ramped up

Searching for work for 35 hours, so here is a heads up!


We need to stop and scrap Universal Credit

Yes you heard right and now have said it

Universal Credit is unfixable, it now needs to go

Let us campaign together united, and make it so!




© Paula Peters 2018.




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  2 Responses to “Universal Credit #CrimesAgainstClaimants”

  1. I am so frightened of what will happen to my family when U.C is introduced to my area (Maldon, Essex.) we are in the process of losing are mortgage support at present, under the new rules being introduced by DWP in April. We are being forced into mortgage arrears. The DWP are using the most wicked tactics to destabilise people like us. My wife is mentally ill (schizophrenic) and what with having to fight our way through the pip’s appeal system last year, now this change to mortgage relief support, and finally the U.C on its way it is making us ill. The constant worry is ripping at the fabric of our family. I’ll trying to protect my young children from all that is happening to us, however, inevitable the psychological effects can not be hidden. It feels like we are disintegrating. I just want to escape some how. We have nowhere to run. D. K.C

  2. Thank you Paula x

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