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From the Chair


9 February 2018


Rt Hon Esther McVey

Secretary of State

Department for Work and Pensions


PIP appeal data

During our inquiry on PIP and ESA assessments, your Department kindly provided to us

estimated unit costs of MRs and Appeals. This indicated that different costs are attached to

PIP appeals depending on whether they relate to new or reassessed claims.

Seeking to understand the financial implications of appeals for the Department, Committee

staff inquired on 30 January:

Of the 170,000 PIP appeals since 2013, how many were for new claims and how

many were reassessments?

We were duly informed:

The information on the number of PIP appeals is from HMCTS published statistics

and this information is not available from HMCTS for new claims and reassessments

We were therefore unable to estimate the full cost of appeals to your Department, although

the Ministry of Justice informed us that in 2016/17 its appeals expenditure was £103 million.

(Cost of Social Security and Child Support appeals, of which the majority relate to PIP/ESA.)


It was with some surprise, therefore, that we today received data released in response to an

FOI request. This provided estimated costs per month spent on PIP appeals broken down

by new and reassessed claims.


You will be aware that we are shortly due to publish our report. That this data was provided

in response to an FOI request, but not for our Report, is doubly regrettable since the key

theme of our report is the need to introduce much greater trust and transparency into the PIP

and ESA systems.


Might you please explain how this occurred?


Best wishes,

Rt Hon Frank Field MP




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  5 Responses to “Esther McVey lies again -and to Work and Pensions Committee”

  1. I have a court case with the DWP at the Royal Courts’ of Justice very shortly! They have until the 14 March to decide as to whether they are going to dispute my claim! They have absolutely NO CHANCE OF WINNING IT WHATSOEVER!!! THEY ARE GOING TO REQUIRE MIRACLES!!! IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!!


    Please feel free to ring me anytime on Tel: 07837 269 733

  2. PIP stinks (as just another way for the criminal regime to increase its bung to the New World Order Paranoia Project (NewWOPP.)

    We, the People, do not want yank WMD and the best “defended” corpses in history (people dying in tower blocks and on trolleys in the strangled NHS ~ therefore DLA should be reinstated IMMEDIATELY :- https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/mental-health-disability-benefit-assessments

  3. I can’t believe anyone voting for this government (small g in disrespect).

    I wish for a comprehensive nationwide exposure of its incompetance and wrongdoings for the uninitiated.

    With such an exposure this government would thus provide a best example for necessary reform(s).

    From the top down it appears no one is particularly passionate or enjoying the political scene in this country.

    Perhaps with the exception of the privileged affable Mr Mogg, who without encouragement praised Esther McVey on LBC radio. Perhaps they have the acceptance of foodbanks in common?

    I hear the word ‘unacceptable’ used so many times, rarely if ever followed by ‘so this is what we are going to do about it.’

    Surely it is this government itself that is unacceptible? At least I know what I’m going to do about it but for the sake of humanity I do not believe it is ‘acceptable’ for this government to remain in power a day longer.

    Enough is enough to you Mrs May & Co, you are no good and unfit to govern.

  4. The sooner this department is disbanded the managers and directors sacked the better as they cannot be trusted, they are creating so many mess ups it must be costing a fortune when this money can be better used on the services it is supposed to provide.

    The Work and Pensions Committee really does need to come down harder on this lot

  5. How the hell did McVey bitch get another chance heading the DWP political wing. An illiterate creature who seems to think being morally and intellectually repugnant.
    Another example of how moronic this Government is.
    A General Election must be called asap in order to stop this poison and persecution of people claiming a range of benefits.
    Enough is enough

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