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No one will lose what they’ve already been awarded.

No one will have to have a face to face assessment – the 1.6 million claims being reviewed.

Your money if you’re entitled to more following the court case and new rules will be backdated if you would qualify under the new rules.

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  14 Responses to “1.6 million PIP claims being re-assessed – what it means to you”

  1. I just recieved my PIP review forms today one year earlier than I was awarded 2019
    are the Tories using us to try to scrape together 20 billion for Mays NHS money bribe before next
    general election our human right are just a football that the Tories kick about with glee

  2. I had to have a face to face a few weeks ago but the assesor found I was in such a state of distress it was unacceptable and should not have been made to travel a long way from home and I will receive my payments so this statement is not quite accurate and it was Maxinus.

  3. I had my review near the end of 2016 and i was in for hour and quater, and was told i had the skin colour for my Rhuemtoid arthrist which has nothing to do with it and they advised to see a councillor for my depression which i was suffering at the moment and after this i lost my car which need to get round so early 2017 i took it to the tribunal and still lost the car i couldn’t do it again as brought the depression back and haf see my doctor as going through this assesment has made me feel like my life was raped there know descease or respect for the person and must admit it scares me haven’t do it again.

  4. i dont believe that any of this will help anyone as all the dwp will do when they are caught out yet again for lying is change the name of the assessment companies(hence the reason we havent heard of the new rules) we hear things are going to get better but still premiums are being taken off disabled people to make us all worse off and still people are being assessed by assessors that have no knolledge of our disabilities(i was told by my assessor when being assessed that he had never heard of fibromyalga and he didnt even know how low b12 could effect someone with fibromyalga he also said i was diabetic and have divertic because of being fat…he went on to tell me to join a gym as my problems were all my fault?) 🙁 so yes i scored 0 …..i went on to have 5 more assessments in 3 years and finally got pip for 2 years…next year i got to go through all the hell again 🙁

  5. What are the new rules.

  6. My daughter just lost tribunal after being on dla for 20 years will this help her?

  7. Is there going to be any help for people who’s award has been stopped? Are they looking in to this?

  8. I’m literally in the middle of the process of my review, (was awarded it till jan 2019, but they’ve reviewed it a year early) ) and was awarded pip higher rate mobility and standard care for a brain haemorrhage and stroke in 2016 for 3 years, and I’ve been more unwell in 2017 with blood clots in both lungs and septic arthritis and also depression and anxiety now. Will this mean my review won’t generate a F2F?
    Many thanks

    • I had a SAH as well Clare, ATOS messed me around so badly that i had to go to a local charity to assist me. Get help from an organisation that is used to filling in the 55 pages of forms, and can represent you at a Tribunal if they refuse your claim, as seems to be standard practice in these cases. Make them visit you, as your mobility may well be affected, and they are obliged to do that-please don’t let them fob you off, and make sure that a friend, relative or carer assists you at every stage of the process. I wish you well in your recovery.

  9. How does this relate to a decision appealed to a tribunal which completely refused to accept any evidence of changes caused by the original flawed ATOS assessment, the whole procedure from start to finish was purely an exercise designed to stop DLA payments, nothing to do with helping people to be INDEPENDANT.

  10. if you would qualify under the “new rules” – awaiting these new rules….?

  11. Does anyone know who this will affect is it solely mental health patients or will people who were robbed of their mobility payments be included?

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