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A little later than planned is our second blog about Cygnet Health Care and what appears to be their shocking treatment and restraint regimes. The latter seems almost certainly to be illegal yet NHS England continues to have a £300 million deal with them.

This couldn’t of course have anything to do with the fact that Cygnet is now owned by US Universal Health Services, whose executive was Simon Stevens now head of NHS England.

Payers of $8.4 million for false claims Universal Health Services take over Cygnet Health Care for £205 Million.

MP Louise Hague has also written to the health secretary to demand an urgent meeting about the quality of care at Cygnet Hospital Sheffield.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated the hospital “inadequate” on safety.

The CQC has held inspections at the site three times in 13 months, two of which were prompted by serious incidents.

Similarly Cygnet hospital, Woking was actually forced to close down and some of the more disturbing findings included adolescents allowed to self-harm with objects they found in the rubbish, while four allegations of sexual assault were reported by patients supposedly under “constant observation” there.

Investigators found that staff on the adolescent wards had used physical restraint 839 times in six months, including 88 cases of face-down restraint.

A patient also required emergency help after being given a significant overdose of medicine.

The most recent CQC report for Woking found


Overall rating for this location



Are services safe? Inadequate


Are services effective? Inadequate


Are services caring? Requires improvement


Are services responsive? Requires improvement


Are services well-led? Inadequate––


And then there are the worrying number of deaths which have been allowed to occur including

Let us remind ourselves of Cygnet’s record on ‘treatment’.

And the fact that Cygnet is now owned by US Universal Health Services, whose executive was Simon Stevens now head of NHS England.

And let us remind ourselves that rehabilitation to enable going ‘home’, is a home of drugged containment termed ‘community living’, also increasingly owned by US Universal Health Services via Cambian.

And here we have workers comments on Cygnet’s services.

Finola Moss sums up her views on Cygnet and their service provision for autistic people.

Autistic people are huge cash cows, they earn Cygnet £13,000 a week being rapidly tranquilised in a secure Unit, whenever they are deemed ‘unmanageable’ in community placement or rehabilitation.

The Spring Centre with this new provision for an extra 14 men in locked rehabilitation and 4 rapid/emergency tranquilisation beds, earn £13,000 a week per ‘patient’ in addition to the existing 26 bed low secure units where each ‘patient’ earns £7,000 a week. That is £416,000 a week.

Over one and a half million a month and over 16 million a year ‘to look after’ 44 autistic people.

And what do they get for this colossal amount of public money ?

Renovation of a large house in a cheap area, plenty of drugs until compliant, containment, a consultant psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, a nurse practitioner, an occupational therapist, a manager and deputy, and minimum ratio to patient care workers/nurses on shifts, and cooking, cleaning and laundry provision.

Is there any competition ? No, as Cygnet is deemed the only ‘specialist provider’ under HSCA 2012.

The ‘patients’ have no rights, as sectioned each year under MHA and if necessary deemed ‘incapable’ for life under the MCA with yearly rubber stamped reviews of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. All this in their ‘best interests’.

Please help us get A moved from Cygnet Derby to live nearer her grandmother and out of the clutches of Cygnet.


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  4 Responses to “More about Cygnet Health Care – destroying lives”

  1. You are right Christina, this is not just Cygnet, although it owns nearly half of all mental provision including Cambian for adult residential for life, supposedly ‘in the community’.

    The rest are effectively owned by another US multinational venture capital backed Acadia that own Priory Group.

    This is the future of all mental health it is a government modus, to harvest via local Health and Social Care Foundation Trusts increasingly like Sheffield privatised, and then into private hospitals/then onto community living for life.

    As Mental Health Taskforce was cross political parties and basically recommends medicalisation of mental, and the MCA 2004 was drafted to remove a person’s decisions and MHA has been made ever more draconian, patients are given no rights, this is all about capture and profit with £13,000 NHS money paid a week on a secure ward, it is not about outcomes.

    So will need a huge political change, as it is not about shortage of money, it is how money is spent, already nearly a fifth of total NHS budget is spent on mental and outcomes are much worse And there is no other ‘treatment’ offered.

  2. My daughter for many years was under neuropsychiatric services, she has frontal lobe seizures, focal epilepsy and inter ictal pyschosis. for many years after spending some months on a neuro behavioural ward , she stayed well on a maintenance dose 200mg of clozapine alongside her epilepsy med topiramate. Now I know a lot of people do not like clozapine, but thirteen years ago, it really did help my daughter . She was not just left on it, her consultant was always keen to not have my daughter on medications unless it was vital. I think 200mg was a reasonable dose. she worked voluntarily, managed her own affairs , friends, relationships etc. In 2016 unknown to us and despite her doctor saying she has epilepsy, my daughter was discharged from neuro services. A year ago she was in the most awful condition, and looked like a skeleton, the nhs psychiatric hospital where she was sent shipped her off to cygnet hospital ,Coventry, we live in Staffordshire.She was continually injected with olanzapine and her records from neuro services stated not to give her that it gave bad side affects and did not work. she was fitting, but they only recognize the tonic-clonic type and a doctor was called out and said she had a movement disorder. they locked her in seclusion, she was black and blue, starving , dying. they were going to keep her there until she died. we got a solicitor involved. I am sorry to say now she has been stuck on load of other meds, three times as much clozaril, we had a load of lies told about us , all her friends and family and no body could see her. it is not just cygnet that is the problem, it is the nhs that has the contracts with them. we have our daughter now, and want to get her back under neuro services, which has been shut down. I was told if |I could pay money I could get things done. It is hurtful, they were watching my daughter fitting and putting her on a smart plan, saying she had to behave her self. I was asked if ||I wanted my daughter kept long term hospitalised. I said no way. I have likened this to what the hitlers government used to do to the mentally ill and disabled before the war started.

  3. Cygnet have been in the game of providing so called care to the LD and MH service users for over 30 years. I worked for Cygnet for about 6 months (15 years ago)as a social worker. I witnesed daily bullying and abuse to service users and after 6 months I could take no more and I left the job. Didn’t even tend my resignation.

  4. This kind of illegal and vile treatment of individuals should not be allowed. It is the start of a system that scares the hell out of me. This is easy money for the vile and uncaring companies, only interested in profit. The cutbacks that will cause Councils to incarcerate severely disabled people into the hands of companies like Signet. Add these cuts up and what do you get? More and more vile, evil companies with only one thing on their mind and that’s profit. This is getting too close to the Nazi “Final Solution”. Something has to be done to stop where this is going?

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