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Difficulties accessing Universal Credit?

Please let Al at Inclusion London know any difficulties you have had with accessing Universal Credit.  We will pass this information to the DWP who are now interested in making the application process for Universal Credit (UC) more accessible.

Difficulties with accessing UC could include:

  • A lack of accessible information about UC itself, or about Advance Payments or any other aspect of UC.
  • Communications that are not accessible, such as phone calls that are not accessible to Deaf people, or lack of Easy Read.
  • Accessing/problems with the online application process.
  • Venues for assessments that are not accessible.

Please send your experience to Al by 3 January 2018


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  3 Responses to “Difficulties accessing Universal Credit?”

  1. Hi Ellen

    I have had a herendous experience in claiming Universal Credit there was lack of communication about tge whole claims process & nothing was explained properly.

    My situation is that I moved from Lamneth to Croydon on 25th July which happens to be a full service area,when I moved I alreday had a live ESA Claim IR ESA, I phoned Universal Credit & ESA for advixe after waiting 1 & a ha;f hours on phone betwwwn various departments only to be told that as I had a current live ESA claim all I had to do was a change of address & didn’r need to claim Universal Credit even for my Housing Costs & that I should claim these costs from Croudon Council, I have very severe Mental Health issues & find it very difficult in dealing with officials I then phoned Croydon Council to enquire about Housing Beneift only to be told I need to Claim Universal Credit, fue to my severe Mental Health I was overwhelmed & wasn’t well enough to phone Universal Credit till 13th August & claimed then, I then had to attend the Jobcentre to verify & despite me alreday being on ESA in the Support Group already been accessed as having Limited Capability for work so the decision should be carried over to Universal Credit, the DWP still expexted me to provide a Fit Note even though it says any ESA decision will be carried over I had to keep arguing this point alonh with the 7 day waiting period which also didn’t apply ro me as I was already in receipt of ESA @ the time of claiming Universal Credit as when I first claimed the Women @ Thornton Heath Jobcentre told me that the 7 days waiting period applied to me as did providing a fit note wven though I was already in receipt of a Legacy beneift so I then checked the rules out on this & had also been miss informed on this as it turns out this 7 day waiting didn’t apply to me & again I had to argue this no one in Jobcentre or on Universal Credit call centre was able to give me correct information which is appaling when they are working in the system unyet they expect claimants to know how thw system works it’s rediciouls.

    I then had to go to my G.P & obtain a Fit Note on 23rd August which I did & then on 24th Augusr after yet more arguing my point I received a message on my Journal saying that my previous ESA decision had bee carried over & was deemend to have Limited Capability for work & was placed in the LWRCA group of Universal Credit.

    I then on 25th August put a note on my Journal for my Work Coach as my claim was being paid from 13th August 2017 & was still in receipt of ESA but wasn’t getting Housing Beneift from the 25th July so I requested to Universal Credit I would like to apply for backdating of the Housing Element to 25th July, I made this request on 25th August 2017 & on 31st August received the Decision notice from Universal Credit informing me that backdting couldn’t be considered as I didn’t claim earlier which I tried to do but was given the wrong information by their department so bad communication from theit staff.

    I then asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration of the Decision this was made on 12th September & my grounds were that I had been given incorrect information ny their department on the issue.

    On the 26th September I received the Mandatory reconsideration notice saying they were unable to change their decision & despite the fact I had been given the wrong information they were inable to take this into account & that it lies to the claimant to know the claims procedure, this comes from them who don’t even appear to know the system theirselfs so how are claimants meant to know they also stated that I hadn’t ptovided sny eveidence of a disability that would have prevented me claiming earlier which is not the case as I was already on both ESA & DLA had they communicated properly with these departments they would have had all my relevant information, they reckon it’s not possible for ESA & Universal Credit to be able ro get information on claimants already claiming again this is due to bad communication, it seems they are able to communicare with each other when it comes to sending claimants out either the ESA50 or UC50 forms when they want a claimant to attend a WCA funny no problem communicating then.

    Also another thing that isn’t communicated to claimants is that when they are on ESA in Support Group & in receipt f Severe Disability Premium that when they Claim Universal Credit they loose their Severe Disability Premium of £78.35 as did I surley agin this could be communicated to the claimant but they choose not too if someone moves from a Legacy Beneift to Universal Credit due to a change in circumstance they are not given the Transictional Protection that a person would be if they were transfered over to Universal Credit by DWP, this is discrimination as I had to move due to health reasons & because I had a change of Circumstance I am not entitled to the Transicitional Protection meaning I loose my Severe Disability Premium of £78.35 but only found this out after claoming Universal Crdit.

    As a result of this a Solicitors Leigh Day is now askong for a Judicial Review on my case due to the loss of my Severe Disability Premium as they are of the opioion that because I have had a change of circumstance I am clearly being discriminated against as none of my conditions have changed so I should be given the Transictional Protection that a claimant would be given if they were transfered to Universal Credit by the DWP.

    I have so much various Letters to DWP regarding this there is to much to send in one email, I do hope you will use my experience of Universal Credit & send this to the DWP as things need to change the people @ Jobcentre Plus need further training on how Unibersal Credit works before being let loose on claimants, also the staff @ the Customer Service Centres also need training on being able to provide claimants with accurate information @ time of the claim not after & they also need training on how to speak to people especially people with Mental Health Issues as I have found the manner of these staff completly disgusting most of them have no empathy @ all with claimants & are damm right rude on phone.

    I have severe Mental Health issues & the whole process of claiming Universal Credit & being given the total wrong information has had a serious impact on my Mental & Physical Health.

    Philip Bayes

  2. What about Support for Mortgage Interest suddenly turned into a repayable loan – surly that’s a breach of contract if you’ve paid full National Insurance?

  3. I believe the government are working on too many things all at once when it comes to benefits(they move on to the next thing without fixing the first)…They have already been working on govcoin(hence the reason all benefits are being paid into one lump sum(universal credits)….for those who do not know about govcoin i will explain……govcoin is a mobile blockchain app which will allow all universal claimants access to their moneyin crypto(vitual)form and then use it to pay bills/buy things…every benefit claimant will no longer cash at all as they will only receives crytocurrency similar to bitcoin(a card with a chip in it that can only be used in stores and with companies that have signed up to the programme….its basically a way for the government to spy on the benefit claimants to see where they are using their benefits so if the government dont agree with what you are about to purchase the purchase can be denied…this has been tested on a few benefit claimants already and the government wants to go ahead and push this through very soon(hence the reason universal credit has not been frozen for the many errorsto be fixed) basically the government dont think the non workers deserve cash in their pockets as its their way of saying if you dont work you are going to be bullied…this will cause a lot of bullying as everyone will now know you are on benefits as you will be seen buying items with these cards in the future 🙁 …personally i believe it violates us further as we will have no human rights at all if this goes through!

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