Mar 252012

April 18th meet for 1.30 pm McDonalds Leicester Square. Let us have text contact details if definitely coming. Access needs if any too.

Action will be around benefit cuts, care funding and Loss of Remploy jobs.

this affects older people too so bring your grannies and grandads too.



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  10 Responses to “Diary alert : April 18 1.30 pm meet Leicester Sq. London”

  1. just watched 6 o’clock news on BBC. No mention. This is the second march that I am aware of that has had no BBC coverage…. what’s going on???????

  2. Paul Lewis on Twitter just posted this; ““Traffic now blocked on all roads leading to trafalgar sq. disabled ppl chained together across the rd” several reports like this” replied with your link. Fight the good fight. You are amazing!

  3. hope all goes well, be safe, be proud!

  4. This protest day really needs to go up on the Home Page as it is hard to find on the site and not many people know about it.

    If too few people show up, the media will just ignore it ..again.

    Best of Luck to all who can attend.

  5. so proud of everyone that attends, I have made a donation in case I cannot attend in person, due to health problems. Good luck, keep the campaign going

  6. thanks keep up the campaign

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