Oct 182017

The BBC is calling for Universal Credit claimants to share their stories. The contact details can be found on their website. If you are currently claiming (or have previously claimed) Universal Credit, please consider  sharing your story. Please share this with friends and family; the more people speak out against this fiasco, and take a stand against these draconian reforms, the better.

In other news Mrs May has announced the premium-rate phone line for Universal Credit will be scrapped. MPs are currently debating a motion on pausing Universal Credit. Up to 25 Conservative MPs are expected to rebel and the DUP intend to abstain. Although the motion is purely symbolic, it will increase the pressure on the beleaguered Prime Minister.


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  2 Responses to “UC claimants – share your story”

  1. Should just transfer the disabled over to unversill credit because there will be more disabled dieing and more suersides. But is that what the torys idea. Is and what they hope for. pester the disabled to DETH

  2. I am claiming UC & the process has been a night mare from start to finish lost my Severe disability premium & Enhanced disability premium wasn’t told of this when I claimed.

    19 Days short in my rent as UC refused to backdate due to the date I took my tenancy, UC answer was that Ishould have known the procedure & claimed earlier despite I was given misleading information the whole process has had an adverse affect on my Mental Health been wanting to comit suicide.

    Now had to Appeal to try & get the 19 days rent that I am entitled too a long winded process & addeed to my Anxiexty, my cae was put before lord Low & is being investigated on how it’s bwwn handled from start of clim to getting the payment & the stress I have endured.

    Philip Bayes

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