Oct 272017
Please send your experience of the ESA or PIP assessment or your experience of waiting for an assessment to Henrietta.Doyle@inclusionlondon.org.uk by the 8 November.   Suggestions to improve the assessment process are also welcome.
Inclusion London will be sending written evidence to the Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into PIP and ESA assessments and your evidence will be used to inform our evidence.


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  10 Responses to “Tell us your experience of assessment process for ESA or PIP”

  1. my Condition is Disable but I have to for assessment and am lucky if i get it why dont we start petition to scrap the PIP

  2. hey hello there I want to start petition for people with Chronic illness should not be asses and Directly Full P.I.P given can you all help me out if you stand by me I will open the petition I need 5 e mails for a start

    • Hi Ben
      I would definitely support your petition. I was assessed to go from DLA to PIP earlier this year. Just to give you an idea, I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis,spondylosis in my spine, hypothyroidism (no thyroid which is classed as life threatening and I do not pay for prescriptions because of it) and fibromyalgia. This means that I am in chronic pain 24/7 both in my joints and in my muscles.

      To cut a long story short when I was assessed by Atos, the report she submitted was full of discrepancies and was not what I had told her, I had witnesses to this as my husband and son were in the room with me as they came out to my home. I went to citizens Advice Bureau and they said I had a good case and helped me to appeal so I wrote to the DWP to say I didn’t agree with the report and they upheld the decision in the report. I appealed again and went to Magistrates Court where after looking at the 39 page report the only question they had for me was to point to a particular page where I had put stick and it should have read sticks (as I walk with two sticks) I told the lawyer who was the head of the appeal bench it was a spelling mistake. They too upheld the decision, I was told that I had a month to appeal and I asked if there was any point and told the woman that whoever had designed the questionnaire definitely had no idea of disabled people and their needs. That they were trying to put people in boxes and everybody’s disabilities were different and they couldn’t do that. Consequently I lost my mobility car which I had had for over 6 years and later when applying lost my blue badge as I only had “4 points for mobility” and needed 8. I am now mostly confined to the house as I cannot walk for more than 20 metres without extreme pain and cannot cope with public transport. I depend on my husband who still works to take me anywhere when he is home.
      I hope you can get this petition started and gain momentum – good luck!

  3. I had my recent assessment and my words Twisted and lies the thinks I never said as put on report that i said I dont want to give details because my case still ongoing I would suggest please record your interview to your phone

  4. Well done for having the strength to fight thees evil torys

  5. Disabled or dieing and what about the suersides and you no it’s been happening so stop this evil madness Now

  6. After working hard for 40yrs I could no longer work due to having multilevel spinal desease + depression therefore received DLA at the full rate for a lifetime award , after having this HORENDOUSS PIP asessment I lost half of my entitlement even with all the medical paperwork evidence from consultants GP,s etc also having a DEGENERATIVE the government states that anyone with a DEGENERATIVE condition would NOT need to go to another face to face asessment , well I have to in 18 mths from my last one , while on DLA I had to go to a tribunal and won my case also had a home doctor visit , what on earth is this evil TORY government asking for I was not given this as a good will gesture when I was claiming DLA, surely the decent thing to do for people who had a lifetime award is to reinstate that award without hesitation, consultants – GP,s – etc are made out to be liars if their reports are disregarded

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