May 052016



Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) is horrified to learn that Capita, which runs services for Barnet council, have cancelled the Freedom Passes for a number of disabled residents, apparently without warning and with no legal basis.

The council temporarily halted further cancellations, pending a review, only when complaints were raised by local bloggers.

BAPS demands that all cancelled passes will be reinstated immediately and Capita’s actions be subject to an independent investigation.




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  6 Responses to “Barnet removes freedom passes”

  1. They have to provide passes to residents under the transport act.What looks to have happened here “guidence” has been issued by the Department Of Transport relating to eligibility criteria by way of proof,it opens up chances to evade resposibility to provide passes its possible that someone who has an existing pass suddenly finds themselves failing the criteria because someone says its PIP related.

    What some councils have done is specify only severe learning disability short changing those who have one but have a milder form but who still would be covered by the Transport act and a bus pass.Its designed to evade responsibility and deny entitlement to save money as its guidence its not law and legally questionable.It opens up the possibility of being eligible in one area but having problems in the next.

  2. Just what Johan Lamont ex MSP for Glasgow Pollok suggested.

  3. IMHO Capita are corrupt. They are doing it to upset people who have a legal right to the passes be it that they don’t want a car through motability to Epilepsy these people have a legal right to the pass and should be refusing to get off buses and snatching the passes back and going and sitting down, refusing to move until they get to their destination.

  4. Lets us not forget that Peter Mandelson & Tony Blair gave birth & sanction to Capita as means of introducing PPI during the 90’s.It still remains a curse , cross and burden upon all disabled & working class people today.Hopefully you DPAC can make Jeremy Corbin aware of this injustice.

  5. Considering Capita position after Ch4 Dispatches program at which there show discriminatory actions by one particular staff member and a general lack of compassion by there whole northampton office and a issue with there overall policy perhaps it is about time to see if this company is fit for purpose to be running government contracts and whether they have a discriminatory policy towards vunerable adults, all people affected should complain to capita and there mp and lets hope they do, there needs to be external regulation in all the outsourcing companies that handle vunerable adults involving experts by experience and paid at the going rate of 17 pounds per hour to ensure that they are working correctly, a complaints system like NHS PALS should be in force for all of these companies that way anyone who is not fit for purpose at any of these companies will be lucky to survive three complaints.

  6. This is the same Barnet where people were stopped from voting in local elections due to a “mistake” – I wonder what the excuse trotted out for this one will be.

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