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You might have noticed these adverts on telephone boxes and bus stops in your local area. Infact the DWP have made sure that they are placed in as many places as possible. They strategically place them in areas where people on low paid work and unemployed people might be using. It’s no mistake. It’s their unofficial announcement that most people will be changed over to universal credit in the near future.
I’ve wrote before about the evils of universal credit, and if you scroll down you will see my previous posts.
In these adverts they state that whilst on universal credit going back to work “pays”. That is a blatant lie.
On the 1st of April this year the in work credit element of universal credit was taken away, therefore leaving people who are on universal credit in a terrible situation. They just won’t be able to survive without struggling a great deal.
So armed with evidence from the department of fiscal studies, child poverty action and the like, who all have proven that being on universal credit, working or not working does make you worse off, we intend to take a stand against these adverts. This is on the basis that the information given “universal credit… Making work pay” is indeed misleading and untrue.
We intend to try and get these adverts taken down by complaining to the advertising standards commission.
Here is the link, please can I ask as many people to fill the form in because they need as many signatures as possible to enable them to look at it and take notice.
Also tweet this blog #misleadinguniversalcreditads

Here is one of the offending adverts.
Interesting to note. Creative agency Mullen Lowe got paid £250k to produce these posters. There is an endless trickle of money to lie to and to humiliate the poor.


Universal credit does not help you when you are in work.
It’s a fact that your appointed work coach will hound you to the point of exhaustion. They will say that you are under employed, and therefore will still have to undergo a 20-38 hour job search as well as having to work your long hours.

Under universal credit work does not pay!


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  7 Responses to “Direct Action. Make a complaint about misleading Universal Credit Adverts”

  1. Complaint made on 18/04/2016.

  2. We are grandparents raising a teenager with autism. Our caring role is heavy so that we juggle our grandson’s needs between. Many years of coping with the extreme challenges that high functioning autism can bring means that I am no longer able to work and my husband is self employed so that he gains the flexibility that we need to manage. After all the sacrifice and the vast amount of money we have saved the state, we are about to be hit by Universal Credit which, for the self employed on varying amounts of income, is almost impossible and the threat to our grandson’s disability benefit as well. This is the recognition we get.

    • Carers save this country a fortune, he is lucky to have you. I haven’t got a solution but I hope it gets better. The uncertainty and foreboding is so stressful. Good luck.

  3. in terms of someone with a condition say mental health, they could also be walking close to the line of sova regulations if they put that amount of stress on a person and should a incident occur such as self-harm due to this, they could well be accountable

  4. I’ve made a vigorous complaint. This is a Disgraceful ad

  5. As well as the lie, the very sight of these posters may well have a sinister and intimidating effect on any one looking to claim UC.

    The very notion of having a DWP Work Coach breathing down my neck from here to eternity is quite chilling, let alone being under the constant surveillance under threat of losing ones security!

    To have posters like this plastered in abundance will serve as a constant reminder that WORK will NEVER set you FREE for the majority.

    To call them Work Coaches is also a Lie, a more accurate description could be DWP Oppressors and Intimidators.

  6. This is very true. Universal Credit just allows the Jobcentre to force people into zero-hours contracts and low-hours part-time work. Which they couldn’t do under the previous Jobseeker’s Allowance Rules
    The concept of Universal Credit is different, it is based on hours of work, and workfare, rather than specific jobs.
    So the Work Coach will attempt to push the individual into one role, then another. Trying to reach the target figure of 35 hours work a week.
    Under UC it is no longer enough to just be applying for jobs, it is work, or work & workfare from the very start.

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