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Please answer all the questions-if you want to say anything more about why you did or didn’t vote for Labour or why you did or didn’t vote for Corbyn – add it as a comment


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  1. I haven’t voted Labour since Tony Blair did a number on us with the ‘New Labour’ being just an Old Tory model of Government. I have voted Lib Dem – due to excellent MPs who were entirely well versed and supportive on all issues that I needed support on. With Corbyn in Labour I have actually joined the Labour party. I have made it clear that I want support on disability issues and I want Corbyn to be the leader – I’m not interested in being in Labour without those conditions. Corbyn has consistently worked as a listening, effective MP for decades. Young people, who are most excluded and marginalized by austerity are providing the most astounding level of hope, in organizing as Labour members. The NHS, public services, housing, employment, transport, education, the environment – all the things that are needed for dignity, respect and equality for all people in Britain – are back on the table for the first time. For the disabled to be listened to and helped for the first time in a public debate in the last fortnight has been astounding. For all people to be treated decently, so that it hasn’t been ‘either’ us ‘or’ them is utterly essential. Corbyn is the only person who has delivered that. Can he be PM? I don’t know, but the pendulum has swung so far one way, it feels to me that it may just be the time it will swing somewhere new. Don’t underestimate how much the Tories have left young people with absolutely nothing to lose, and a new way forward may well emerge.

    That’s my two cents anyway!

  2. i didnt vote as i was home less and i whould of voted laber and mr Jeremy Corbyn is doing the right thing im a serviver of chid abuse im in pain most days sinc last op and it fell like im getting punst for somthing that happened to me when i was a child and thats not right inmy eyes

  3. How can I answer all the questions when I can’t find them??????????????????

  4. Labour will never win an election with Corbyn in charge. He may well be nearer to the heart of the Labour core values, but he is also seen as being in cahoots with the ‘left wing’ and far too close to the Unions. The days of unions having influence over Governments are long gone and the electorate will never trust him. Laour must regai the cetral groud if it harbours any hope of being elected, but that doesn’t appeal to Corbyn. A dilemma indeed.

  5. I didn’t vote for Corbyn because I couldn’t as a Green Party member, but I support him and welcome his leadership of Labour. I am disgusted at Labour MPs who constantly undermine him and ride rough shod over the wishes of their membership. I trust Corbyn and his immediate supporters on disability, but not the wider parliamentary Labour Party who have much to do to regain my respect, especially on disability. I won’t forget the Labstain debacle.

  6. I did not vote labour in the last election for the reason that Ed Miliband was the labour leader and i saw him as nothing but a bumbling idiot living in a fantasy world. Now that Corbyn has taken charge and has shown that he is more in touch with the people my position has changed and my full support is now behind the labour party.
    I am not disabled but i do have life long health conditions which affect my mobility and due to the harsh welfare reforms i am now left to survive on £67 pw from my part-time job as my ESA was cut in January after my permitted work period came to an end.

  7. Skewed because it does not take into account the people of Scotland. Had to answer No to voting for Corbyn as he did not stand up here but can tell you labour are finished up here, kissing tory arses at the referendum put paid to them but i would be more than happy if Corbyn destroyed the tories in England am sure he is on the way to doing so sSAORSA SAIOR ALBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Jeremy cares about people. Unlike the torie government in it for themselves

  9. I live in an area ( North cornwall) which historically has been a race between Tory and Liberals,the lib Dems have obviously pretty well have taken over from the old liberal party.As a result I voted in 2010 lib dem.
    My MP Dan Rogerson was rewarded in the coalition govt with an important job.Due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t vote in 2015.If I had then I would not have voted lib dem,as I studied Rogersons voting record in govt and was appalled on how many issues he voted with the Tories,mainly things to make the rich richer and the poor poorer,not to mention tuition fees and bedroom tax.Im very confused on how to best use my vote next time bearing in mind the betrayal of the lib Dems.i have leanings towards the Green Party and mebyon kernow,but a bit concerned they won’t get enough votes to get into power.Labour have nearly always been in 3rd place through recent decades…….so very confused dot com ! …..

  10. None of the parties were worth voting for at the last election. But since Jeremy Corbyn has become Labour leader, and a man of the people (as he always has been) I will be voting for labour. As long as he remains as leader of Labour, he will always have my vote.

  11. I don’t think any party has really supported disabled ppl. Seems like they promise when it’s due for a vote
    I will vote labour next but system is so funked up

  12. At the 2015 GE, none of the major parties had policies that would support the sick and disabled or the larger population at large unless you owned a big business or was a millionaire. I had no trust in any of them, I voted for the Green Party. If Corbyn remains as the Labour leader and kicks out the Tory Labour MPs, then I will vote Labour.

    Based on research I have carried out, I would happily support Corbyn.

  13. 1. I have no idea why my comment on disabled people stronger in Europe is on this page. I haven’t checked yet, so perhaps all comments appear on all pages. If it only appears on this page, then I wasted my time posting it (unless everyone who visits this site reads all the comments referring to all the articles).

    2. I am not impressed with the poll. My answers could be interpreted as meaning that I have never voted Labour, have never been a member of the Labour Party and am not currently a member of the Labour Party. I dumped the Labour Party when Liam Byrne undermined the rule of law by breach of Article 6 of the HRA when he forced Labour MPs (under threat of sack) to abstain on the Jobseekers (Back to Work) Bill; Sadiq Khan announced that if Labour got into power they wouldn’t reverse the cuts to legal aid; Rachel Reeves said: “We are not the party of people on benefits.
    I re-joined the Labour Party because Jeremy Corbyn supports disabled people against the cuts; will do everything in his power to reverse the cuts to legal aid and genuinely supports the Human Rights Act 1998 which includes Article 6 (right to a fair hearing which includes equality of arms). If we had legal aid for judicial review, then we would have the democratic right to challenge bad laws. Without it only the rich can afford to challenge bad laws, but they don’t tend to do so because the laws which we consider to be bad benefit them.

  14. Jeremy Corbyn is our only hope to stop this cull of sick and disabled people by the Tory’s . but he Doe’s need to sort out those Blairites and get real labor people in who will back him .

  15. I am a Labour party member and was so disgusted by the behaviour of Labour that for the first time in 20 years of being able to vote I put a line through all of the candidates and wrote none of the above. Maybe an empty gesture but I couldn’t in good conscience vote for the policies that Labour were forwarding in the GE and their total inaction regarding the closure of ILF, not objecting to PIP in fact about the only thing they got right was the decision to scrap the bedroom tax but I suspect this was only because it proved popular in focus groups.
    I had all sorts of nonsense thrown at me on social media for asking questions of both Rachel Reeves and Kate Green, none of which got answered, but plenty of labour members were quick to support the party and block me. I felt I had no option but to cancel my membership. Then Corbyn entered the leadership contest and so decided to stay and listen to what he had to say. There was nothing I wanted to hear from the other three candidates.
    I went to meetings, I read about Corbyn and his position on various policy areas and have to say was impressed. I voted for him, not because I’m a Corbynista or a ‘middle class champagne quaffing metropolitan trot elite’ but because he wasn’t austerity with a smile.
    He is still on probation for me but to be honest I’m running out of patience. As for the abstainers nothing could describe the contempt I feel for them.

    • >>He is still on probation for me but to be honest I’m running out of patience.

      Why? There is only to much he can do against 60% of the party that are dan blairites and the CLP that are still hoping we’re go away or roll over and go back to the good old days of Tory lite crud shoved down our necks. The only way you’re going to get you changes is to fight for them sitting back and waiting for someone else to help and give you what you want are over. ALL disabled people need to be speaking everywhere shout how you’re treated local papers, online until it’s defining and cannot be ignored any longer. Harass your MP etc it’s hard i know were disabled have little time and energy but if we let this opportunity be wasted there won’t be another for a long time!

  16. I didn’t vote Labour as I’m in a very close (~700 votes between the two in 2015) Tory/LibDem marginal so realistically, under the current voting system, I have to vote LibDem in an effort to keep out the Tories. If it wasn’t tight I would vote Labour to make a point, and I support Corbyn more generally, despite thinking he isn’t making the best opposition right now

  17. I’m ex-Labour and voted Green. I have problems with Corbyn re: CSA/Islington Enquiry. I also have problems with my local Greens so I’m unlikely to vote that way again. Might support Corbyn as the least worst but find it difficult to be positive about him; he’s another professional politico.

  18. I voted labour to keep out the detestable Tories. However I have very little faith in modern labour as they appear on permanent self destruct being infested by a faction of pale blue middle englanders who haven`t a clue of how they and we are being manipulated by the Tory, read corporate ” long game” Labour was effectively destroyed during the Ronnie And Maggie show , that era destroyed, sold down the river all our industrial asset and with it, “working England” base that being the heartland of the labour body politique. That left millions uemployed and thus the creation of a pseudo new middle class with a creation of delusory wealth and status. Along comes Blairism, takes the middle ground, pushes Mr Tory futher to the right as he could not go left of Labour ! seemed a good move at the time, was`nt though was it for here we are now with no party to fight for the created poor and lifes vulnerable, no voice, no power, no party worth a damn to fight this evil scum intent on subjugating the people to control and economic slavery. Their weapons are fear and enforced control, they are waging a war against us and it`s going on right in front of our face. Time to wake up, get the rope out and locate the lamp posts ! ! Ray.

  19. I’ve always trusted labour to look after those who can’t go to work because of being disabled, mentally or physically, I voted labour because I knew the Tory boys and girls would be out to rid our country of sick and disabled people, the TORIES hate us, the TORIES feel sick to THIER bones of sick and disabled people so let the TORIES go fly a kite on a very big mountain.

  20. If I lived in England I would have voted Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. I voted for the SNP as I think they are a Socialist party and they would be an asset to labour against the Conservatives. I detest this tory government so much.

  21. I have voted Green (and do so where possible), though I would prefer “true” democracy, ie power always at the bottom never rising.

  22. I have been a Labour member since 2010 and supported Ed Milliband. This time out I voted for Corbyn and persuaded my Mum to join as well so she could also vote for Corbyn. Since he became leader 3 of my Mums friends and my Aunties and Uncles have all joined Labour to support Corbyn.

    I liked Ed Milliband but the policy on disability and social security was weak. I was disgusted when the likes of Rachel Reeves said she would be tougher on welfare than IDS. I don’t forget or forgive either that it was Yvette Cooper who introduced the ATOS WCA test. Not to mention Dan Jarvis took time out from his busy collection of hedge fund money to vote in favour of Tory welfare cuts. Yet these same people constantly criticise and undermine Corbyn in the media. They should be ashamed of their past positions and should be attacking the Tories not Corbyn.

  23. I voted labour as the least worse option, I’m hoping corbyn and mcdonnell will change that

  24. I voted labour as the least worse option, I’m hoping corbyn and mcdonnell will change that pet

  25. I joined to vote for Corbyn, although voted green in the election and would vote WE next time if able as I am Jewish, as well as disabled.They rang me to ask if I belonged to any other party and said I couldn’t vote but from the online voting with the email link they said I think the vote had gone through. It was a mess. I’m not still paying for Labour membership but am paying WE.(Women’s Equality)

  26. I have nothing against Corbyn, in fact I like him and am impressed with what he has done so far, I voted Green last May and joined up with The Green Party, I intend to remain loyal to the greens, I believe we can work together with Corbyn across party lines, I am concerned about the more right wing section of the Labour party who are opposing Corbyn

  27. I joined the Labour Party and voted Labour in the last election because I think that voting for the smaller parties is a waste of a vote at this moment in the UK. I also voted for Corbyn in the leadership elections because the last thing I want to see is a continuation of Blairite New Labour.

    I am still supportive of Corbyn however I am a tad frustrated by his lack of ‘fight’ … Courtesy may well be a valuable attribute but it won’t crack nuts!

  28. Blair betrayal of trust over Iraq overshadowed his betrayals of disabled people, but they still stand against him. Brown betrayed the left by fumbling the best opportunity to reform international capitalism any Pm ever had.
    Labour under Corby is like a loved relative who has given themselves to addiction who is promising to reform. It is good to hear, but they have lied and stolen too often to do anything less than judge them on results. So far too many abstentions and too much pandering to the failed Blair it experiment to forgive them, let alone rejoin.

  29. I didn’t vote Labor in the last election. Neither did I vote for Corbyn in the leaderships but this is only because I don’t have a vote 🙁
    I am a traveling showman and do not have a fixed permanent address to register for a vote
    If I had been able to vote I would not have voted for Labor in the GE But I wouldn’t vote tory either in fact their was not a party that I would have trusted to run the country at the time so I prob would have voted Liberal as a tactical.
    I would, however, have voted for Corbyn because I have first hand knowledge of the type of man he is and his capabilities but having said that I did know he was going to have a difficult time because of the other members of the party. Moving forward, If Corbyn has enough time to gain full control he will make a good leader and I would vote for him in a GE. BUT, the time is not yet

  30. I’m behind DPAC and Jeremy Corbyn 100%

  31. I can’t see any questions. All that comes up for me is ‘ Please answer all the questions-if you want to say anything more about why you did or didn’t vote for Labour or why you did or didn’t vote for Corbyn – add it as a comment ‘.

    My comment is: I voted for my MP as I always do. My MP is Jeremy Corbyn. I very much doubt I would have voted Labour all these years if I had had a Blairite candidate. I am delighted that Jeremy won the Labour leadership as he is genuinely concerned about our whole population, including disabled people. He is trying to do politics in a different, more compassionate way, and I completely support him in this. I’m also very glad he chose John McDonnell as shadow chancellor as John has a long history of standing up for disabled people and is continuing to do so strongly in his shadow cabinet role.

  32. Labour has failed disabled people …I wasn’t allowed to vote for Corbyn. I was a victim of the labour purge.

  33. During the Labour leadership election, I wasn’t able to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, although I would have done if I could have. Politics is said to be “Show business for ugly People” and under the present shower of smug, self-serving, amoral ‘Slough Comprehensive’ AKA “Eton Elitists” who are guilty of “Economic Genocide”. We need Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas, who have a proven track record, to hold this administration, a “Kakistocracy” the least capable ruling the majority of the people, to account for their actions against disabled people in the past six years, which was unopposed by the last Labour Shadow Cabinet (Red Tories). As a disabled person, I am sick and tired of being made to feel I am drain on the countries resources, a “shirker”. They need to be reminded that in fact “They Work For Us!”

  34. I don’t have to be disabled to see what the TORY government is doing to disabled people. I’m sure Jeremy Corbyn is a compassionate man and wouldn’t act like Cameron. Neither would Ed Miliband have I’m sure.

  35. Labour need to start campaigning and dig there heals in much more than they are doing other wise words are just words

  36. I voted for Corbyn as an affiliate I am in unite community Union. I voted for him because I genuinely believe that unless we have a real left wing labour leader then the choice between the two main parties leaves us choosing one of two ring wing parties.
    I’ll not join labour as it is due to the right wing careerists that remain. I do have think that labour with Corbyn and McDonnell is the nearest to a working class focused party that I’ve seen in my lifetime (35) .
    I agree there needs to be more diverse ethnicities and abilities represented and I think labour need to work on that.
    I support Corbyn’s ethics but I think he can go further, as can Unite.
    Ultimately I don’t think the current system of government is ever going to work for the People’s best interests I think we need a complete overhaul and a change to Socialism built from grass roots campaigns like DPAC and others , working together to decide ourselves what is best for us.

  37. I think Labour will show more commitment to disabled folk, he has met with actavists , we must stop Cameron at all cost.

    We shouldn’t have to shoulder the worse cuts in living memory

  38. I’m behind DPAC and Jeremy Corbyn 100%

    • me to but why did the Labor party fail to call vote of no confidence when Tory party was in such a shambles and Duncan Smith leaving ? they were falling out among themselves ? surly action to oust Tories should of been done ? Don’t understand why nothing was done lost chance to oust Tories ???? This is something that should of been done why was nothing done ?

  39. I think it is good that disabled groups are getting more publicity to highlight the difficulties that can be faced but there is still a need for the general public to become more inclusive and less intolerant

  40. I couldn’t vote for Corbyn as I’m a member of the Green Party. Who seem to be doing a rather better job for disabled people than Labour are!

    • Jeremy Corbyn took up the plight of the sick and disabled long ago. In Parliament Square in Sept 2013 alongside the wonderful Michael Meacher and John McDonnell, he gave a rousing speech, two years before he became Labour leader. And he asks Cameron all the right questions at PMQ’s it just that Cameron does not give a straight answer. Cameron is an expert of Orwellian Doublespeak and deflection.

    • Could you please post a link to green policies and also dates natilie Bennet has met with DPAC

      Thank you

      • No, we’re interested in Labour stuff atm-we do accept that the Green party has given good support to DPAC and to disabled people though

      • On 31 October 2015 I received an email from Sheffield Green Party inviting any members who were interested in attending a South Yorkshire Stronger In Europe meeting to contact them. When I rang I was told that I shouldn’t go because of my disability. I was gob-smacked, but went to the meeting anyway! I later received an email from this person saying that he meant my “health condition”. I tried to go through the complaints procedure about this, but they didn’t have a complaints procedure. Consequently I dumped the Green Party and am now a member of the Labour Party.

        I have been trying to set up a disabled persons stronger in campaign since January 2016, but the Field Director for Sheffield’s Stronger in Europe (who is Labour) hasn’t replied to my phone calls or emails. My experience of attending the meetings is that this is run by Councillors, MEP & MPs and the only involvement that ordinary people are allowed is to hand out leaflets and vote. This is something that irritates me!

  41. I voted for Corbyn but i still feel disabled people need more representation in the labour party. The labour party really needs to reflect a better diversity.

  42. Thanks for organising

  43. My vote for JC didn’t get counted and I can’t get totally behind Labour until they clear out the chaff.

  44. Why is Labour being dragged in again, will people never learn that this kind of thing just endangers the very chance of eventually getting ris of this tory government. Put your energies into fighting the tories exclusively instead of harking back to the past, because if you don’t, those who have, like me, a disability will have no future. You must realize this surely? Marilyn

  45. Things need to change we need someone for the people not just for the rich but for all of us we all need to live without struggling

  46. Labour need to relentlessly attack the Tories on the inhuman way they are treeing the disabled in this country?

  47. Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere….

  48. I couldn’t vote for Jeremy in the leadership contest as my request to join as supporter was rejected

  49. 🙂

  50. I didn’t vote for Corbyn but only because I didn’t join the party until (and because) he was elected

  51. Last question is not allowing a selection

  52. Labour has failed disabled people …I wasn’t allowed to vote for Corbyn. I was a victim of the labour purge

  53. I trust in Jeremy Corbyn to be fairer to the disabled because he is a very caring man.

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