Jul 122015

Has your Council taken out or turned off safe street crossings to create a so-called Shared Space? As these are desperately dangerous for people with any and all impairments, Unity Law are now taking action against 5 councils.Please consider joining the action if you have a Shared Space where you live. Unity Law will represent you at absolutely no cost to yourself and the more people and places they have on board the better.

You can contact Chris Fry at Unity Law on 0114 361 0000 or info@unity-law.co.uk



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  5 Responses to “Legal Challenge Against Shared Spaces.”

  1. Oppose Nutcase Public Spending Cuts in Local Government

  2. Another crash in shared space zone

    A COUNCIL minibus carrying adults with learning difficulties crashed into a car after more confusion in Southend’s shared space zone.


  3. This is being planned for Bodmin North Cornwall. I am a wheel chair user / mobility scooter and find it difficult now to cross road. NEW MONIES are available to council but local people are calling for a delay prior to decision being made.

    • This is now being implemented in bodmin now (12 months of construction, 2 months into the project). shared space covers the key road throughout the town (busy roads). All existing pedestrian crossings are being removed. Locals are very concerned about this not only for the less abled but also routes to and from schools. It is the speed of the traffic that worrys many


  4. Will check with DPAC Leicestershire members as Leicester has #JubileeSq http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0276g2g

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