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While the Labour party still scrambles among the election debris searching for its identity and running focus groups to find out if it should be circa 1990s Bluritte retro Tory in shocking pink, or a Tuesday-an unpleasant creature seems to have emerged from the Wolverhampton dust…

Rob Marris Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West is a bit of an Indiana Jones: ex lumber jack, ex truck driver, traveller, sociologist and solicitor.  He also has a distaste for parked vans. In 2008 he caused £350 worth of damage to a van parked by a bus stop when he jumped on the bonnet because he didn’t like the way it was parked. While other people walked around the van, Rob chose to jump on the bonnet.

Colin Molloy, the district CPS prosecutor, said: “There were two vehicles parked in front of a bus stop with a small gap between them.” Others had walked through the gap but Mr Marris chose not to, Mr Molloy said. “The van was not parked to his liking,” he added. Marris admitted it was an ‘unconventional’ act and accepted a conditional caution. Unconventional is one term: contemptuous violent disregard for others property and person is another.

On the 31st July Rob Marris is hosting The Silence of Suicide. The event blurb says: ‘Strange title you may think … but it is the silence that precedes the ultimate act of those who tragically decide to end their lives’.

So it’s even stranger then, that this is the same Rob Marris who has resurrected the “assisted suicide” or “assisted dying” Bill via some archaic competition in which he was the MP who got to choose a Bill.  By this process, and choice, Marris is the man responsible for reopening the door of Falconer’s state sanctioned killing proposal.  The idea being that a doctor can leave you a lethal cocktail which you can take when he/she leaves the room, or have forced down you when he/she leaves the room-actually there are no safeguards on that unless your home is fully fitted with CCTV. Were there any other Bills he could have sponsored? Yes there were..


Marris is a self confessed patron of Wolverhampton Mencap (Rights not Charity by the way Rob) but we’d still imagine he’d spare a thought for the LBBill  (see https://lbbill.wordpress.com/ ). A Bill intended to prevent the abuse, neglect and deaths of people with learning difficulties locked away in institutions often many miles from their families. Marris’ constituents wrote to him asking him to support the important Bill and presented the reasons why he should. But Marris replied that he had his own ideas.

 I already have a couple of ideas, and I’m sorry to disappoint you but the interesting-sounding Bill you suggest is not one of them.

I am a patron of Wolverhampton Mencap, and I can only hope that the problems you delineate are not present at New Cross (no we didn’t understand what that meant either).

Rob Marris

His idea was not to save countless lives, prevent misery and abuse of human rights, but to resurrect the call for death-A call that the majority of Doctors and the BMA rejects.

It’s the van all over again: A contemptuous violent disregard for others property, person and life. Not only will refusing to back the LBbill cost lives, but the dragging back of the assisted killing bill shows a complete contempt for disabled people. A complete ignorance of the circumstances we find ourselves in with social ‘care’ at breaking point, the loss of the ILF, £12.5bn more cuts to come, newspapers screaming scrounger, the rise of hate crime and the collapse of welfare support.

There couldn’t be a more dangerous time to bring back the Bill. But maybe that’s the idea, with little between Labour and the Tories, the shrinking of the state along with the culling of more disabled people through the assisted dying/suicide/killing Bill- it couldn’t be better timed. Why try to right the wrongs in long term hospitals, prevent deaths in long stay institutions, attempt to recognise human rights when people are tied down against their will or force fed psychotic drugs in long stay institutions-they needn’t bother with any of it.

Marris also needn’t bother with the hundreds of disabled adults in Wolverhampton who are Independent Living Fund (ILF) users. Wolverhampton ILF users are set to lose £784,000 when the ILF closes on June 30th and monies transfer to the local authority. At the time of writing Wolverhampton social services have refused to tell the 300 ILF users in Wolverhampton what’s going to happen to their support. Marris doesn’t seem particularly bothered either.

Marris doesn’t care about ILF users, he doesn’t care about the human rights abuses happening in long stay hospitals and institutions. He cares about the horrors of suicide while simultaneously imposing state sanctioned suicide on disabled people.

Ann Whitehurst sums it up

Rob Marris, Labour MP, was number 1 MP on the PMB ballot list and was therefore in a position to save countless disabled people’s lives and prevent thousands from abusive neglect. A number of requests were made for Rob Marris to present the Disabled Peoples Community Inclusion bill, known as LBbill, including one from Bob Williams-Findlay who lives in Marris’ constituency but he declined to sponsor the bill preferring to use his position of being in line-up for ‘private members bill’ to sponsor killing us rather than including us in life.

When have any of these Labour MPs who want us dead ever put forward Assisted Living bill? How many fought for the ILF? How many support people to get decent Care Packages from their social services? Labour fascism”.

Rob Marris we’re bringing a van to Wolverhampton very soon and we don’t think you’re going to like where we’ll be parking it.

Rob is on twitter @WSW_Labour why not let him know what you think














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  2 Responses to “Bad, dangerous and wrong: Rob Marris’ choice of assisted death over assisted life and the van”

  1. The rise of the Fascists from all quarters. Labor have nowhere to go, Thatcher destroyed their electorate base by exporting our industries east, she changed the “slave base” into another form of which we see to day in zero hrs,disrupted education and so forth, to create social economic ignorance within the masses. Masses that have been engineered to believe they can aspire and be middle class ! Labor are no more now than limp wristed pale blue right of center weakly trying to re create the Blairite fomulae of grabbing the middle ground only now the Tories learned to be neo -liberal and stay center and not allow themselves to be pushed right resisting the rabid extremists within their own party. The Tories are now as Thatcher continuing the long game of creating laws and conditions upon the populace that will become economically untenable to oust or reverse. The long game is the increase of what is overtly emerging of populace control, theft of product of labour essentially divesting the masses of their earned wealth in personal asset or national asset. Welcome my friends to the Bilderberg gang, welcome to private ownership of us and all we have. The chosen ones and their accolytes are on their way to ruling the world, what freedom we had which was never much, will be gone

  2. A good number of doctors in the Netherlands (maybe a formal group) approved a form of such killing yesterday or the day before. I have only seen one tweet about this, in Dutch, but I know that this idea is not new. They claim that it is permissible for a doctor to withhold food and drink at will, given the assumption that the patient will die within some interval (I forget how long). No provisos were stated. I’m convinced this is unethical, as (a) it places all final decision-making in the mind of one person, the doctor, (b) as the patient need not be consulted, and (c) lack of provisos makes killing arbitrary, allowing licensed acts on whims or profiteering. I am pretty sure this fits in with some moral, religious and political views I have heard espoused when I lived in Amsterdam. Briefly, that helping a person out of his or her suffering is good, period. But since this “good,” and conditions of suffering have not been spelled out in anything I have seen since 1972, I think the flood-gates are being opened. Scary ideas and actual events, one should hope that the events go no further and that the ideas are changed. Poverty and loss of independence from the closure of the ILF and the recent roll-out of a complex Dutch version of the PIP (which has marginalised some poor and/or elderly already), convince me that these ideas and Bills are immoral.

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