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We were passed a letter anonymously last week. Atos the company responsible for misery and premature death now wants to help disabled people. Atos still do PIP assessments, and are in part responsible for the long delays, declared unlawful in the courts that have left people without income, food and at risk of losing their homes. This is something they share with Capita.

Yet, Atos will always be remembered for the Work Capability Assessment and ESA travesty. Their staff were filmed admitting that there were targets and saying that the job of assessing was toxic. But Atos were still laughing all the way to bank- After a prolonged campaign by DPAC and others Atos left the WCA contact early and were replaced by Maximus who seem no better.

We thought we’d publish the Atos letter in full , so that those people we receive emails  from who have no money for food, who are being threatened with eviction and whose families have broken up due to the inhumanity of welfare ‘reform’ might apply

No surprise that Atos has sent out its letter as a PDF which is inaccessible for some screen readers , so we copy the main parts here

As you are well aware Atos Healthcare is contracted to assess claimants on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit.

We assess some of our society’s most vulnerable people on a daily basis; and we recognise their hardships and struggles. The environment we work in means that our staff frequently undertake charitable activities for a wide range of causes. In support of this effort Atos Healthcare usually matches their collections. As a result there is a fund available for charitable donation and we are looking at how best to use that to make a positive contribution to supporting and improving the day to day living of vulnerable people.

We would like to support a different selected charity for each six month period. Naturally, as the PIP benefit is intended to support people with long term conditions or disabilities we feel that a disability or condition based charity would be appropriate.

We are aware that you have strong relationships and key contacts within many charities and we would value your opinion and expertise on selecting appropriate charities.

This work is being coordinated by Saleem Jawaid who is passionate about these activities and he would welcome your views on the most effective mechanisms for doing this and any issues that you think we might face. Contact details for Saleem are given at the end of this letter.

Yours Faithfully

For anyone who’d like their ‘hardships and struggles’ recognised by Atos the number is Tel: 0118 914 9500 Ext: 18296 or if you prefer email then its : Saleem.jawaid.external@atos.net

For any disability charity taking money from Atos – we’ll find out and expose you

Rights not Charity!

Atos Open Letter – charity




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  11 Responses to “Atos now recognising our ‘hardships and struggles’”

  1. I’m sure this will be of enormous comfort to the families who have lost loved ones because of their “assessments”!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TAX DEDUCTABLE and also PR image.

    But remember the July 2011 Atos Recruitment Fair at Croyden where I sneaked and recorded through my own severe mental health fugue that Atos Healthcare DOES NOT CARE not matter what, even if a person dies of a burst heart valve ulcer or mentally ill person or upset person takes it out on others and does harm or harms a child. Maybe goes home and takes it out on family.

  3. This is common corporate tactic when faced with ‘controversy’. For example Wonga encouraged managers to partake in charity stuff to cleanse they image, Atos has been doing charity stuff the whole time for the exact same PR reason. e.g. https://www.justgiving.com/shinfield10k/ form 2008 when they began Labour’s WCA contract. It’s also sim poly part of neoliberal culture, do your job however evil it is then do charity to make yourself feel virtuous while simultaneously improving the brand you work for. Often there will be an internal league table of managers to encourage competition to raise the most for charity, it tends to get reported in regional news and can be tracked via just giving and the like. https://www.justgiving.com/Atosgirlsontop/9

  4. To little to late.

  5. They are concerned for our “hardships and struggles” and not their callous, entrapping, interrogatory and demeaning assessment process……… That is swiftly followed by the erroneous , DWP decision makers decision……. and the long drawn out reconsideration period,……….months, sometimes, years of stress,…………. added to our already struggling with ones illness and disability????????????……. So its not a bribe then?

  6. The sad thing about this is too little, to late, 2 tribunals, not revealing there nurses qualifications, I got them through the British Midwifery council, I got more mental health experience as a volunteer than they will ever have, They are RGN, if they say there there to assess for mental health, that is a specialisation, not four weeks in the ATOS Brainwashing Centre, needless to say I shall be making life very miserable for both nurses in question, especially as the second one was asked four times about his qualifications, the DWP and ATOS were all asked the same question and hide under the freedom of information act, they also seem worried about publicity, I would be, as once all this is done and dusted, I shall show people how good at web design I am, I had to sign on because of this joker, I am known for having panic attacks climbing stairs, it was on the third floor of the job centre, I had a panic attack and had to be helped down the stairs eventually crawling down them as for realising there wrongs, to little to late and in the original complaint they admitted they did not follow procedure correctly, do they have one? my understanding is it is a ill thought out computer application written by a person who has no idea of real world and when your doing a payment by results system as atos and maximus do, then your heading for trouble

  7. the DWP took all my savings away my income support was taken away I no longer get free prescriptions or free dental NHS treatment or free NHS eye care as I am not in recipt of qualifying benefits
    DWP sent me a ESA form then wrote to me again and said they sent the form by mistake how can it be a mistake I have a wright to apply for ESA
    so I cannot apply for ESA I cannot apply for JSA as I have have a medical condition
    what the fuck am I going to do how can I live like this.
    I have to find £104 per year for a pre payment certificate I have no money for this I am going without food and very soon I will not have any medication it will run out and I cant afford to buy any more.

    now I know what a pogrom is !

    • Hi Brian have you received any help with your benefits do you have any money to get your meds ect please let me know thank you

    • You can buy a pre-payment certificate for 3 months which should help.

    • ATOS assessed me as having no qualifying points, and my Income Support was stopped. I didn’t find out until I got a letter saying I was in rent arrears. My meds ran out at about the same time, and I couldn’t afford more. No-one told me that, as a diabetic, all meds were free, and I went 3 months without them. Now I need a liver transplant, and my kidneys are giving up as well. ATOS gave me 6 points at my second assessment, but an independent tribunal bumped that up to 24.

      I am fed-up with being taunted for being on benefits. I didn’t choose to be disabled, to be in chronic debilitating pain. If a person has medical evidence, x-rays, etc., they shouldn’t be ordered to have an assessment – you’ll never see me climbing ladders, running for buses or playing football with my grandchildren. I wish I could do those things.

      One final point, hate crime against ethnic minorities and the LGBT communities is wrong, punishable by a jail sentence, so how come it’s okay against the poor, weak, disabled and vulnerable? First, the government takes our money, then our dignity. What next? Our lives!

    • Brian Bane:
      Emergency action:
      1. food coupons from social services
      2. email your MP requesting a home visit if you are housebound, alternatively go to their surgery asap.
      3. your local council has an emergency fund, apply for help.

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