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Next Thursday, there will be a vigil in front of Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre, Old Street, from 1:30 and 2:45 to remember the victims of sanctions. We are asking people to support this vigil, either by attending, bringing some flowers, saying some prayers or contributing towards buying the wreath, and by this to show their opposition to the inhuman and degrading regime of sanctions. People can also support this by following @charlotteh71 who has been protesting every week in front of Ashton Job Centre and documenting the terrible impact of sanctions on unemployed or disabled people.

Pregnant and sanctioned just in time for Christmas… Sanctioned and frozen to death….The latest news from Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

Today was our usual demonstration day. The wind was howling and the rain and hail was pouring down. We were cold but we turn up every week. We will not let the victims of the Job centre down. Whilst handing leaflets out a lady that had said hello to us on previous occasions came running out of the Job Centre. She was upset, crying, she screamed “Why does this place treat you like this?” She is pregnant and has been put on the terrible universal credit scheme. A scheme which really knows how to make anyone suffer. She had fulfilled all her job search requirements. But when she turned up at the Job Centre to sign on they said that she hadn’t turned up for an interview that she never received a letter for. They couldn’t or most likely wouldn’t show her a copy of this letter… that’s if it even existed in the first place. They refused to give her a hardship form which they are legally obliged to do. She had spent all of her phone credit on phoning for jobs which she didn’t have a chance of getting because she is pregnant. The police happened to turn up for our demonstration… they turn up every week…. they are on our side… they went into the Job Centre to get her a hardship form… and they refused them as well. Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre really do think that they are not answerable to anyone. We hope to see her next week.

After talking to this lady I was stopped by a homeless chap who wanted to congratulate us on our hard work. He said that he hated this Job Centre. His friend who lived on the streets with him had been sanctioned after being taken off the sickness benefits that he was on and was put on Job seekers Allowance. He had severe mental health and addiction problems. He was sanctioned, and without warm clothes and very little food he fell asleep on the streets and never woke up. He died of hypothermia. People had passed him and thought that he was asleep. He didn’t stand a chance. And what do the Job Centre staff say? “We are only following orders.” Most don’t feel any guilt or remorse. And we know that this government doesn’t either.

We are holding a memorial service outside Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre next Thursday. We will be laying a wreath and we are desperately in need of funds to do so. We ill be doing this in memory of every person that has died as a result of this governments war against the poor. We wont forget them. Please come, bring a flower, bring some words to say but more importantly bring yourself.


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  One Response to “Support the Ashton Under Lyne vigil for #sanction victims next Thursday 18th December”

  1. A Job Centre Plus Whistle blower recently reported in the media that letters to claimants were deliberately being sent late by second class post
    This ensured the recipient missed his or her appointment for interview and sanctions applied
    In my opinion those responsible for this should be arrested and put on trial
    This Government is the worst I have ever witnessed in my life time aged 54 Years

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