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Motability have introduced changes to their grant making conditions discriminate against disabled people with the highest support needs who are unable to work for a minimum of 12hours a week, carry out at least 12 hours voluntary work (which apparently can’t be internet based but has to be outside the home and doesn’t include travelling time), are not in education for at least 12 hours a week and who need specialised adaptations to transfer to drive or drive-from-wheelchair vehicles.

These changes have not been made publicly known or advertised to current customers in any way about who is eligible for a grant and the changes were made without any consultation.

We understand these changes were made from June 1st this year but customers are only being told about them when they enquire about a grant for a replacement vehicle.

The impact of these changes which affects those with the highest and most costly needs are potentially life-changing. It could well prevent people having contact with family (let alone friends) if they live in a rural area with little or no transport, it means anyone who can only travel with equipment like hoists. Oxygen cylinders and other bulky items won’t be able to go anywhere. It also ignores the fact that with other cuts to services people will not be able to ensure they have the physical support from someone else to drive them.

We have sought legal advice to see whether these changes can be challenged as discriminatory and now need to hear from anyone who is or would be affected by these changes in the near future and who would qualify for legal aid.

If you think you might be affected by these changes and are willing to consider taking legal action then please contact us at




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  2 Responses to “Secret Changes to Motability Grant Making Conditions – People needed for Legal Challenge”

  1. I’m one of the first to be fudged over by this change..

    History: Had a Merc Sprinter DFW on joystick control, kept breaking and was involved in serious accident due to faulty controls. Vehicle went back in Sept ’14. Tried to apply again this month, was refused because not working, no voluntary work etc….

    I have a large heavily adapted Invacare TDX SP wheelchair with switch buttons on my headrest due to very limited movement. Also have a AAC communication aid, due to Cerebral Palsy.

    I did pass my driving assessment back in 2012 with Dave Morgan at Motability as long as I had a 4-way joystick control for steering/accelerator, and head button for indicators. All the controls have to be very close to me so yes my vehicle has to be heavily adapted.

    Because of the specialised seating on my wheelchair, it is too large to travel on bus. Only 3 weeks ago I couldn’t go to hospital (Emergency A&E) because the ambulances can’t take me! I was severely dehydrated, they ended up sending a doctor to my home and doing 48-hour IV just because I couldn’t go to hospital. If anything serious happens, I am totally stuffed!!

    Partner is also full time electric wheelchair user, and has just been told by NHS she will be getting a TDX SP as well, but not with head controls. She currently has a Quickie Tango, which is still big enough, but at least she can travel on the bus at the moment.

    Partner can not drive as eyesight not good enough to pass test. Nobody else but me has a licence.

    When my vehicle went back, I borrowed £5000 to buy an adapted VW Caddy from eBay but it turns out it had a hidden past (Cat D, and half the controls are missing) and I spent every penny I had to buy it so now can’t afford to repair it – it will be going to the scrap heap, and I am penniless.

    There is NO way I am every going to be employed which is depressing enough, I can’t get full time voluntary work because I can’t even go and see anyone to consider it (no transport!). I really am so depressed over these changes.

    The fact my old vehicle nearly killed me sent me into depression, and now these new changes mean I am confined to the distance of my own wheelchair with no access to public transport, and no access to Motability.

    This really sucks 🙁

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