Apr 082014

You can take part by being there in lots of different ways including watching the live-stream, sending us your messages of support, sending us your ideas for what DPAC should focus on in 2014, sending us your questions and comments….and tweeting from our very own DPAC Tweet machine #dpac2014



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  One Response to “How to take part in national DPAC Conference wherever you are”

  1. Message from Anne Rae -Chairperson of Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People who was unable to attend DPAC conference today:

    Hello everyone –

    I cannot say how dreadfully disappointed I feel at not being with you today – such an important, significant day for disabled people in this country.

    If I could be there I would be advocating that building a national represental voice of disabled people is now of the utmost importance and a matter of urgency.

    This government is pulling out all the stops to silence a collect voice of dissent, and its’ current weapon of mass distruction is the initiative being progressed by the Office of Disabvlity Issues, which is setting up regional events for DPO’s DPUL organiosationds with the sole purpose of persuading them to change from being oranisations set up to inform, nuture and fight with disabled people against oppressive, discriminatary cuts and policies affecting us, challenging these at central and local governmental level.

    Joe Whitaker is a member of the Greater Manchester Coaltion’s Execuitive Counchil, and i have asked him to relate to describe to this meeting just what the ODI is peddling in their attempt to persuade DPO’S to take on the role of service providers. In effect this means that DPO’S and DPUL ORGS become sattelites and servants of government – lackey’s if you will – no longer in a position to challenge their paymasters.

    An appalling example of of the effect of this is illustrated by the fact that last year over 70 disabled people demonstrating in Derbyshire against Independent Living Cuts were also demontrating agaimst theor own disability organisation, which bis now a service provider, and was in the position of having to administer the cuts instead of supporting the disabled people of Derbyshire in opposing them.

    The rhetoric and policies coming from Central Government concerning disabled people are now so rabid and so cruel that, I suggest, if disabled people could be identified as a ‘race’ it could be accused of inciting racial hatred. I remember, years ago. Mike Oliver, telling me that at a large Social Services Meeting he attended he heard us describbed as ‘useless eaters’ – I do not believe that that Nazi-like euphemism is far below the surface today.

    Our message to Government today must be –

    With DPAC all the way –

    Anne Rae
    Chairperson Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People

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