Feb 122014

With 2/3 people being rejected for PIP and apparent everlasting delays causing more misery and destitution we need to raise this issue more through the media. 

Journalist Francis Ryan is looking for people

1.       –Who have been rejected by the PIP system

2.      – Those who are being forced to endure long and damaging delays

We can completely recommend Frances who has written many excellent and supportive pieces on the situations facing disabled people.

Please get in touch with Frances directly at frances.ryan18@btinternet.com

Comments will only appear on the DPAC site and do not go direct to Frances

Frances is also on twitter @frances__ryan 

You can read more about Frances at https://differentprinciples.co.uk/about/ 


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  8 Responses to “PIP Disaster –have you been rejected/delayed & delayed?”

  1. after waiting 4 months after sending all support documents about my aspergers and how it affects my day to day living for an assesment for pip..i finally got a interview with atos for pip in a town 64 miles from my house…i managed to get to the appointment on time all prepared to be told that the only person available to interview me was a muscle and joint therapist..i was then rudely told that if i declined to talk to the therapist i would have to start a new claim…..so i went through with the interview of which i was not asked one question about my condition…just around 10 questions on how my legs work….i received an answer 4 weeks later telling me i didnt have enough points so i wasnt entitled to any pip payments,i called atos and asked to speak to someone about being declined and they said someone would call me back but no one did…been waiting for that call back for 3 weeks now and still waiting…..its a disgrace how atos treat people but i guess its just another way of saving the governments money to get brownie points…i only wanted low rate pip so then i could get the help i need ie a carer but it looks like the help i need wont be coming anytime soon folks!

  2. Well i’m just sick of this new PIP nonsense and i hope it gets investigated soon by welfare rights? i’ve been declined after major surgery and the HCP didn’t even want to look at my latest surgery appointments why!!!…something really needs to be done about the way this benefit criteria is set out its simply not fit for purpose my report didn’t even resemble what i had told the assessor and many claimants are obviously not getting what they deserve,

  3. At the moment i receive low rate DLA ,for both components,this is for mental health problems and bladder incontinence,i recently spoke to Citizens Advice,because my incontinence has worsened and i am having tests for fibromyalgia or polimyalgia (sorry if i have the spelling wrong), the pain in my upper arms and feet is agonising and i cannot go to the loo without help to take down and pull up my underwear,i also need help with dressing etc and food preperation,i am also agoraphobic so i need a companion with me to go outdoors etc,i feel i deserve at least the middle rate components or standard of the new PIP when the time comes ,but the CAB lady said i wouldnt qualify.I took an on-line test last night and according to the result i would qualify for the enhanced rates as my points were way above the minimum required,it does state that the test would be screened by whoever dealt with the claim at the time ,so results would vary,i couldt manage without my DLA to help with my living costs and im terrified i will lose it,what the hell are the government playing at ? we are human beings ,this is like a dictatorship,someone needs to step in and put a stop to their barbaric plans for disabled people both mentally and physically disabled because the mentally ill tend to get ignored

  4. Ii applied for PIP in May, they didn’t get my completed form*book back until end July. Only to be told I rejected in October after assessment in Sept. They ignored all Dr notes etc based it on assessment by Capita whom might I add didn’t even assess half the things he put on his report. Asked for reconsideration and got letter back within a week saying no chaage in decision. Now will have to appeal. They ignored all physio letters gp letters etc and said I can walk more than 200 matters and can’t even walk 10! Then can cook and clean etc but I can’t and partner does all that. Have depression and they gave me 2 points for communication wow! Will have to appeal and await a decision.

  5. I applied for PIP Jan 2014 soon after I was dismissed on ill health capability by the NHS my employers. I had my face to face assessmeny May 2014 the report was electronically sent to DWP 8 days ago having read other comments it looks like DWP wait for the hard copy. Is that by post, fax, by hand post or special delivery (dont think so). I am still waiting for a decision meanwhile bills etc dont get paid my health gets worse as if fibromyalgia and ME and the rest……….. dont matter it seems. By the time the decision is made I could be deceased but oh! isnt that the idea……….

  6. Same boat here!! I applied beginning of august last year. Heard nothing at all for months. After 5 months of waiting I called DWP and was advised to call ATOS to ask what the delay was. For a start I couldn’t believe they were asking me to call their employees to chase up my home visit which they had requested!! But I did it anyway. After atos cancelled 2 appointments with me I put in a formal complaint to them. I had a home assessment 3 days later!!! 3 weeks later I call DWP to check progress and they say it could be 4 months before they get the medical assessment from ATOS!!!! At this point I lodged a formal complaint again, this time with the DWP. They then miraculously obtained my medical assessment 3 days later and its now with the decision makers!! Wonder if I will have lodge another complaint to get a decision!!! Meanwhile bills are racking up and my health has taken a hit as a result of all the stress!! Its life consuming to anyone who has to go through this broken system and I now cant open anything on my doormat in a brown envelope without feeling sick!

  7. Tony I have had same problem.. Applied in June 2013 had assessment in August and have still had no decision.. 🙁
    I have been told the same as you 🙁

  8. after succesfully appealing an atos assesment at tribunal i had to start visiting the job center every few months…..there i was a dvised to apply for P.I.P….i had no idea what this was….i sent the application which i am informed was in august 2013….im sure it was earlier…..i was again informed it would take 6 to 8 wks……i waited then got in touch and was told they are experiencing some delays with it being a new process…..so i waited….i rang again and was informed it had gone thru to the assessors and would take some time before i was contacted……..i again contacted them before the christmas concerned that post may be lost in the christmas rush and was told again it was in the hands of the assessors……mid january of this year i rang again and was again informed of the same…it was in the hands of the assessors…….early february i rang again to be told it was sent ot the assessors on the 12 january….and the person i spoke to did not know why it had been delayed for so long…but i should expect an answer in 6 to 8 wks of the 12 january…..i dont think i will hold my breath

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