Jan 052014

Singing anti-Tory songs will now land you in court. Citizen Smart who has supported many camapigns against the cuts  is before Sterling Sherrif court tomorrow (Jan 6th) for anti Tory song : Hey Mr Cameron! See video below and dont forget to sign along at a street near you-solidarity from DPAC to Citizen Smart. We’ll update on what happens


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  11 Responses to “Anti-Tory Songs now Illegal”

  1. This case will be heard under the anti sectarian legislation that the Scottish Government brought forward rather quickly. It was supposed to prevent the singing of racist and sectarian songs at sports events however various Legal Authorities have criticised the draughting of the legislation.
    Sheriff Davidson [Tayside and Fife] described it as ‘Mince’ and acquitted a lady who sang ‘The Roll of Honour’ at a football match

  2. I would like to echo the question: what has he been charged with?

  3. We are getting closer and closer to Orwellian 1984!! Check out the song I wrote called “Society” go and like our Facebook page too, All of our songs are in some way anti government lol, and I don’t care! This is England we have freedom of speech and expression! We need to take down this crooked regime ASAP!!! http://www.facebook.com/winstonsbigbrother

    Check out our tunes on http://www.soundcloud.com/winstonsbigbrother

    Keep up the good fight people! Don’t let this government take down the English spirit!

  4. freedom there aint no freedom piss off torys

  5. OT.

    “Margaret Thatcher tax shock: £12m mansion where she saw out her days registered in TAX HAVEN”


  6. What’s he been charged with? He can’t have been arrested for singing an anti Cameron song. Not even in England. I’d be interested to know because I was wrongly “restrained” (assaulted) by a PCSO before being told I was going to be arrested for acting in a way likely to cause offence…..I had actually just taken a photograph in a public place – perfectly legal. They could not arrest me. It was just bullying. But, collusion of statements (I say lies, they would say not) meant the IPCC ruled against me when I made a complaint. The police and IPCC say I was not assaulted, because all police statements after the event read the same word for word saying the PCSO had not touched me! That’s their story, I have mine. Who do you believe?
    So, what has he been charged with and is there a petition to complain? Thanks.

    • Anti- English songs apparently a new term for anti-Tory songs- He’s based in Scotland. Court case now moved to March

  7. Any more details on this? It’s very vague

  8. Is there an official online petition for this we can sign and share?

  9. what’s he been charged with?

  10. Freedom of speech is gradually being eroded, along with the right to protest, fight for what is right, employment rights and human rights in general. Most people will only realise this when we have no rights at all.

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