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Workfare hands companies free labour which means fewer jobs and paid hours for everyone. But direct action and online pressure mean tens of brands now steer clear of it. Let’s step up the pressure on companies who still think they can profit from unpaid work!

Take action today to shame these companies and make them realise that exploiting unemployed people might just mean fewer customers this Christmas. There’s new online action every day this week so please keep checking back!

Marks & Spencer


M&S: rolling out workfare in their stores. Unless we stop them!

Marks & Spencer’s use of workfare hit public awareness when they announced 1400 new placements in their stores and a benchmark of 2% of the workforce to be unpaid. But this isn’t the brand’s first encounter with workfare. Despite their CEOearning over £2 million a year, they are also profiting from unpaid work throughanother workfare scheme in Scotland, which targets single parents. It’s likely their involvement is much more widespread – we also heard from someone sent on a 4 week placement at one of their outlet stores.

Last time we took action, M&S was forced to disable comments on their Facebook Page. Several pickets and walks of shame will pay a visit to their stores this week. Please feel free to contact them with your thoughts as well:

By email: Using their online form
By phone: See this useful list of numbers
Facebook: Marks and Spencer
Twitter: @marksandspencer

B&M Stores

In May, B&M won an award from the workfare industry for its involvement. But the reality of this involvement is harsh. One person has reported: “B&M stores have started using workfare Jan 2013. Receiving free labour and stopping overtime for employees with contracts. The people forced to do this free labour are not happy and neither are the employees!” Boycott Workfare has had reports of workfare at B&M stores in Bangor, Glasgow, Manchester, Southend and Northern Ireland. Show them they can’t keep cutting their wages bill with unpaid work!

By email: or
By phone: 0151 728 5400 or more numbers here.
Facebook: B&M Stores
Twitter: @bmstores 


Leeds Unemployed Action Group exposed the workfare providers in their area


Asda has been at the heart of workfare in the UK, helping the government relaunch its “Work Experience” scheme last year. We have had reports that one of their stores in Manchester uses disabled people on workfare on the night shift. They are frank about their involvement here.

Asda contact form: Click here
Facebook: Asda
Twitter: @asda 


Don’t forget to sign the petition calling for an end to all benefit sanctions without exceptions.



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  2 Responses to “Target the Companies replacing Paid Work with Workfare”

    The appalling state of the UK Political System today all Politicians on taking their Oath should be compulsory made to join the Actors Union Equity and even the Magic Circle .
    At least being members of these two institutions it gives some respectability to their constant Lies & Deceit they churn out to an unsuspecting Public or the more naive of us .
    If the devastating effect of their Immoral Draconian Policies were not so affective upon us they are an almost laughable farce .
    Generally Politicians convince themselves that what they are standing up for is the Right thing for us or the Country to ease their consciences .
    Others similar to ID Smith vehemently know what they are doing is abhorrent but a necessary evil to demoralise and reduce to poverty the people not of his Ilk .
    Both scenarios are delusional on the part of the perpetrators but when forcibly backed by a flock of highly paid with extra bonuses sheep of MPs it seems to legitimise their behaviour .
    I do not name people lightly as being either a Liar or Public Purse Thief but you can call ID Smith without impunity because it is true .If he sued or tried to defend himself he would end up Bankrupt .
    It is time that these Charlatans of Public Office were made to answer for their brutal attack on the British Public and not by any Puppet Commons Committee as we have seen Whitewash after Whitewash .
    Karma might take a hand in their retirement but that is no deterrent in todays Political Environment to safeguard the Public from a future immoral onslaught .

  2. “”The YMCA are one of the greatest apologists for workfare and can’t even properly advise young people of their benefit sanctions rights.”

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