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In a shocking development Belgium came a step closer granting the right to die for children and babies in the Belgian Senate committee on Wednesday 27th Nov.

The panel voted 13-4 to allow minors to seek euthanasia under certain conditions, the communications director for the Senate, Patrick Peremans, told CNN.

The vote is one stage in a legislative process — the bill must clear other hurdles before it becomes law. However, many expect this to pass. Belgium passed legislation in 2002 allowing voluntary euthanasia for adults.

While some hail this as progress for liberalism, others say it sets a worrying precedent. It is not clear how this will be activated, but it is clear that despite soothing words to the contrary this is an act that holds many dangers not least the breaking of human rights in the right to life.  We are told ‘safeguards’ will be put in place, but it is difficult to see how safeguards for a 2 month old disabled child would come into play if parents decide that life would be easier if the child dies rather than lives.

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  2 Responses to “Belgium Vote Yes on Euthanasia for Minors”

  1. This is shocking, and must be opposed; it’s a contradiction, in several ways, to grant the right to die for children. Let’s hope IDS, Esther ‘The Knife, McVey, and the rest of The Coalition Government don’t see this as setting a precedent.

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