Nov 092013

Disabled people plan more direct action in Sheffield


Press enquiries:

Sheffield DPAC: Tel: 07956 856060 | Email:

UK Uncut: Tel: 07928 429752 | Email:

 Disabled people in Sheffield have announced plans for more direct action against the cuts in Sheffield.   Sheffield Disabled People Against the Cuts – Sheffield DPAC – are launching a direct action network at a public meeting taking place at the Central United Reform Church, Norfolk St, Sheffield at 6pm on 12 November.[i]  

Sheffield DPAC will bring together disabled people, carers, supporters, friends and families to fightwhich they say are threatening the lives and livelihoods of disabled people in the UK[ii]


The network will raise awareness about the disproportionate effect that cuts are having on disabled people, from unaffordable energy prices[iii], The Bedroom Tax[iv] and the closure of essential community lifelines such as public libraries[v] to the loss of disability benefits and the impact of the Atos Work Capability Assessment.[vi]


The announcement follows Sheffield DPAC’s first direct action event on 5 November, when up to 100 people attended ‘The Closing Atos Ceremony 2013’ targeting government ‘fitness for work’ contractor Atos in Sheffield.[vii] 


Linda Laurie, Sheffield DPAC, said:


“Disabled people, our friends and families mustorganise to defeat the state’s attacks on disabled people.  Sheffield DPAC is working with public sector trades union and community groups to stop these attacks.  Sheffield DPAC demands that the ConDem Government immediately withdraws all contracts from Atos without compensation and scraps the Work Capability Assessment, giving the funding back to the NHS.  We also demand the abolition of the wasteful and punitive Work Programme which pays millions to private companies; if work needs doing, people should be paid a living wages for doing it.  Unpaid work takes away work from workers and undermines wages.  Sheffield DPAC also demands an end to The Bedroom Tax and demands the reversal of public service, and other benefit cuts.  Benefit claimants did not cause the financial crisis or the public spending deficit so why should the poorest people, including disabled people, pay for it?”



Notes to editors:  Disability rights activists are available to talk to the media, please contact the Sheffield DPAC or UKUncut Sheffield media phone for details.  Please do not pass on contact details to external bodies or agencies.


[i] Sheffield DPAC Launch Meeting!/events/421434917957473/?fref=ts




[iii]“The victims: Old, sick and in dread of winter”




[v] Library closure councils ‘neglecting the vulnerable’




[vii] “Protesters’ day of action”



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