Nov 082013

Breaking news: the claimants in the ILF case have heard that the Government will not be appealing the decision taken by the courts on Wednesday to quash the closure of the Independent living Fund. All processes related to the closure e.g transition interviews for ILF users have been halted.

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to the five ILF users that took this to the courts and the solicitors and barristers who worked tirelessly, as well as all those involved in the research processes, and in supporting this. It has proved that disabled people can and will fight back, it has proved that disabled people can win.

DPAC want to thank all that supported this . We want to say to those organisations that didn’t , or claimed nothing would change, if you do not fight back now at a time of massive and savage cuts maybe its unlikely that you ever will, in which case you can no longer speak in the name of disabled people-there is one voice and that is the voice of people at the grass roots who appear to be fighting everything without you.

DPAC is proud to have supported and worked with the ILF case since it began, and we will continue to work against the cuts and abuse of human rights by this Government and any other through every means possible

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  5 Responses to “Gov will not appeal court ruling on closure of ILF”

  1. Great news for disabled people who get the Independent living fund, now what about those people, who get DLA for life or indefinite awards, I find this is Discrimination against disabled people as well, as they will be having medicals at the age of 66, 67, and some will be over 68 when they decide to call you in.

  2. That’s wonderful, just hope the vile IDS hasn’t got any tricks up his sleeve. We really can’t take our eyes off the ball.

    • is this now going to re open to allow those that need ilf to be able to claim it

      • Hi Kate , at the moment no- but it is the intention of the ILF users that took the case and all working on the ILF campaign that this should be the next step: please keep watching the DPAC web for updates….

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