Oct 142013

TV interested in Atos experiences deaths/suicides/impacts


Lucia Ring-Watkins (China TV) is looking to interview the family of somebody who passed away shortly after an ATOS exam and/or a disabled person who has been affected by the ATOS exam for a short news report. Interview will be paired with one from Dr Simon Duffy to look at impact of welfare reform on disabled people.


Please call Lucia direct on 07531417686

Or email



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  2 Responses to “TV interested in Atos experiences deaths/suicides/impacts”

  1. Take you recording mobile phone into ATOS interviews, get that stuff recorded. Get it on TV. Prove it, record record record. Everything. Jobcenter, atos, dwp… whatever. It’s the only way. They’ll never admit to verbal testimony, they’ll never let statistics out for 125 years – you KNOW THAT!!, without intervention everybody is ruined.

  2. Whist you are thinking about taking part please take the time to sign the WoW epetition.

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