Sep 202013

Ed Miliband’s pledge that a future Labour Government will rescind the Bedroom Tax is welcome news to all who have been fighting to Axe the Tax since its introduction in April. The Bedroom Tax is indeed ‘a nasty Tory tax’

Opposition to the Bedroom Tax was already widespread. Last week delegates to the Lib Dem annual conference voted for ‘an immediate review of the impact’ of the Bedroom Tax policy and its ‘affect on vulnerable tenants’. The Chief executive of the National Federation of Housing Associations, David Orr, describes the bedroom tax as the ‘economics of the madhouse’. The UN investigator Raquel Rolnik reported evidence that in the field of housing ‘human right violations’ have occurred, and she recommended the Bedroom Tax be abolished. UNISON leader Dave Prentis has called on Labour Councils to make sure there is no eviction of tenants facing Bedroom Tax rent arrears. Across Scotland militant opposition to the Bedroom Tax has ensured that landlords are adopting No Eviction policies.

Support for the Bedroom Tax is now restricted to a handful of Cabinet ministers. Pressure is now on the Tories to conduct a ‘review,’ and then scrap the Bedroom Tax.

Ellen Clifford  from Disabled People Against Cuts said “This is a welcome move by Labour. Not only is the bedroom tax cruel and unjust, it is also completely unworkable, costing millions more to implement than it could ever save. But people suffering under it need action now, they can’t wait for a general election. Labour councils must now pledge no evictions for anyone in arrears as a result of so-called welfare reform.”

With Labour now committed to Axe the Tax the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation demands that:

1. Labour Councils, and Labour Councillors who sit on the Boards of Social Housing Providers, immediately ensure that there will be no eviction of tenants, and that the threats of eviction end immediately.

2. A future Labour Government must ensure that central government repays all bedroom tax amounts retrospectively to 1st April 2013, and reimburses tenants with all court and bailiff fees incurred as a result of the Bedroom Tax.

3. That revenue to pay for this should be raised by an under occupancy surcharge on owners of two or more mansions. This money should be paid direct to landlords to satisfy arrears and leave neither social landlords nor their tenants burdened with debt.

For more information contact Ellen Clifford on 07505144371,

1) The Anti Bedroom tax and benefit justice federation was launched earlier this year bringing together grassroots campaigns opposed to attacks on social security and housing from across England and Wales including Disabled People Against Cuts, Defend Council Housing and local anti bedroom tax campaigns.

2) UN rapporteur Raquel Rolnik met with members of the Federation and DPAC, and heard powerful testimonies from those directly affected by it


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  8 Responses to “Immediate release: Labour Announcement on the Bedroom Tax”

  1. They’re lying to you. They have no intention of removing the bedroom tax. They are politicians and will give you precisely nothing that they promise. Politicians are all liars, all the time they’re speaking, about everything they say, every time they say anything. Don’t build your mind up on this liar and his lies…the bedroom tax will remain and we’ll be just as screwed up by the presence of it in our lives.

  2. Ed Milliband’s announcement about getting rid of the ‘council tax’ is very good news for a lot of people.
    Once again, Labour have the task of cleaning up the Tory mess, just as they did last. Take the hospital’s as an instance. Getting rid of 4,000 nurses was folly and patient care is very ad hoc. Waiting lists are getting longer and A&E Depts are bursting at the seams, only the Tories to blame for this.So much for privatisation.
    The Tories assault on schools is blatent, now we see privatisation by the back door in Gove’s Academies.Who will pick up the tab as these schools become bankrupt.

  3. Bedroom tax wasn’t brought about to cutback on housing benefits, it was brought about to make the sick and disabled struggle even more, those dependant on benefits mean nothing to cameron, he would rather see us all dead.

  4. By the same token, in view of the horrific death toll, there should also be a suspension and immediate review of the Atos Work Capability Assessment WCA). NOW.

    By 2015 more tens of thousands will have died needlessly.

  5. You can’t trust Labour, it was them who introduced Benefit sanctions don’t forget. I’ll be voting GREEN in future. Fuck Blue Labour.

  6. Miliband just trying to gain votes!!!!!.

    “Labour refuse to support Dundee SNP Council’s No Eviction Policy or the abolition of the Bedroom Tax”

    We should all remember who got us into this mess!!!.

    There were three, I will repeat that THREE council houses built in Scotland between 1982-2007. How many of those years were NuLab in power!!!!. They take the voters for fools with short memories.

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