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Video from Reel News – they will have a regular film night at The Grosvenor pub in Stockwell on the third Thrusday of every month…this month it’s on October 17th, the evening of the teachers strike, so they’d be doing an anti-cuts special and show films from the various strikes going on and  the DPAC actions – and have a discussion about how we can do more to link struggles together. “Obviously DPAC are at the forefront of all this, so would a few of you fancy coming down to take part? It’s relatively informal, but we usually get at least 20-30 people and often more, and stuff does get sorted out over a pint – it’s also wheelchair accessible.”

(there is a caption and transcript option (next to the clock icon) on the video)

​ATOS Healthcare carries out disability assessments on behalf of the Cameron government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  Currently, ATOS is being investigated by the National Audit Office (NAO) in a in a a major “value for money study”.  Meanwhile, since the inception of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), 10,600 people have died within six weeks of being deemed ‘fit for work’ by ATOS healthcare professionals.

Human Cost documents ‘10,000 Cuts & Counting’, held on the 28th of September, 2013 at Parliament Square,  a ceremony of remembrance and solidarity for those who have had their lives devastated by Cameron’s austerity programmes

​Human Cost – #10kCuts #Atos from You and I Films on Vimeo.

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  7 Responses to “10K Cuts and Counting Video”

  1. The Tories are fear and hate mongerers and the video of the peaceful service and protest shows how much more dignity and courage we, the sick and disabled have, compared with these grotesque gold-plated lux bootboys and girls that call themselves Government.

    As the most wonderful Nelson Mandela said, “Never underestimate the power of persistence”. We SHALL prevail.

    I have a sense of the tide of hate turning. For example my MP, Alun Cairns (Tory) came for a photo opportunity to congratulate local residents volunteering at the opening of another Foodbank in the area. A couple of weeks later he was reported to have described people who use foodbanks as people who are not being able to manage their money, are victims of abuse or are people who neglect their families. (He’s right on one count- they are victims of GOVERNMENT abuse)

    I live in a fairly “traditional” rural place so I was surprised and thrilled to see well researched letters of complaint coming into our local rag by people outraged at his stance, for several weeks running. He also had a “grilling” at a local school Q and A session. This would not have happened here a couple of years ago. The tide is turning.

  2. A moving testimony to those who have passed under the shadow of the ruthless WCA. Thank you everyone who gave testimony to this most cruel of ‘assessments’.

  3. this is nothing more than state sponcered murder…CAMERON AND SMITH…AND ALL MINISTERS who have done nothing to save the dignity of all who have suffered at the hands of what amounts to nazi style policies…
    THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR ALL…MAY THE CURTAIN FOR THE WCA AND ATOS DROP ONCE AND FOR ALL..HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE…what are the MP’S who know about this are afraid of…take your balls out of the locked box that Cameron has them in and serve the disabled as you should…YOU ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS…BUT COWARDS AS WELL…SHAME ON YOU..ALL OF YOU…the disabled have so much more courage and dignity…do we have to do everything ourselves…NOW GET ON WITH IT….WE WILL WIN.

  4. PS – the 10,600 deaths refer to 2011 figures and the DWP claim they no longer keep such stats… or do they just not want us to know perhaps how many have actually died since Cameron came to power?

    If 10,660 died back in 2011 due to the WCA, imagine what the true figure would be by October 2013….

    Thousands more people killed by the State as the MPs continue to talk about it, they must see the damage in their own constituencies every week, but disregard all evidence that’s about to be considered by the UN…

  5. “Minister looking at making it harder for sick and disabled to claim benefits”

  6. Well done to everyone who managed to get to the London protest and the video is very powerful.

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