Apr 252013

Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessment

atos-killsA Nottingham man has now been held in custody for two weeks after he was accused of “threatening behaviour” due to comments he allegedly made during his Atos benefits assessment.

Steve Topley is a 49 year old father with multiple serious health problemswho was required to attend a Work Capability Assessment with the notorious IT firm Atos – the company responsible for stripping benefits from hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people.  During the process Mr Topley made some comments about someone not present at the assessment.  His family say these comments were misunderstood and were in response to questions from the assessor about his personal life.

These comments led to Atos staff calling the police and Mr Topley was asked to attend Queens Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.  When he refused to do so he was arrested.  At QMC he was de-arrested and received a mental health assessment but no reason was found to detain him under the mental health act.  He was then re-arrested and taken in handcuffs to Nottingham police station where he was later charged.

He has now been refused bail twice in closed courts which his family were not permitted to attend.  His sister Gina Topley, who says the family are being kept in the dark about the legal process, has said:

“My brother has not been given any opportunity to speak and give his side of the story to a judge and he was not offered an appropriate adult to accompany him when he was arrested.”

His family have not been allowed to visit him in prison and have raised concerns that his medication may not be being administered properly.  Mr Topley will face another appearance in a closed court tomorrow (Friday 26th April) and there are major fears that he will be remanded once again pending psychiatric reports.

His family and supporters have called a demonstration outside the court tomorrow calling for his immediate release.

Meet outside Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 26th April from 9.30-11.00am – please help spread the word.  For more details and the  latest news visit:http://freestevetopley.wordpress.com/

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  4 Responses to “Man arrested and tried in a Secret Court after ATOS assessment – support needed in Nottingham”

  1. i haved mental health problems as well as other phisycal problems .i have very bad mood swings that i cant control and this has resulted in many arrests .but all of this means nothing to atos who still want me to attend a face to face .ive had a letter from DWP to say i was abbusive and theatening on my last medical and they {atos}want me to attend another medical ,i feel like its intraptment .let a lion out its cage and hope it do not bite .asked for home visit but no i have to go to them

  2. Britain, like the US, is becoming a corporatist police state similar to Germany in the 1930’s. Just as then, we now see the disabled being denied natural justice, being forced into a hopeless situation, and left to die, which is, in effect, no different to the Nazis’ euthanasia policies.

    If it took the Government the same amount of time to introduce positive measures instead of negative ones the Country would be on its way to recovery instead of its Demise .CCS Closed Court Sessions were sneaked in without much Media attention and are now in practice when ECHR is ditched it will be little more than a Nazi state practiced in 30’s Germany.All Rights ‘surrendered ‘to the State .A man arrested for threatening behaviour at an ATOS assessment was in custody before he appeared before a Closed Court then remanded back to Police custody .He has been denied family visits and representation .
    Who said things couldn’t get any worse . http://www.brokenbritainundertories.com

    • HEAR HEAR…it’s the 1930s with no right to free speach…who the hell do these people think they are..tory bastards.

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