Jan 032013

Campaign of the year ….the fightback by disabled people as the Con/Dem Govt stripped some of the most ‘vulnerable’ sections of the community of their benefits. Their campaign against Atos (who made the decisions) during the Paralympics was inspiring and they have led the way in the fightback against the Con/Dem Govt.

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Disabled People Against Cuts’ message for 2013: DPAC will not be resting in any tents in 2013 but fighting with disabled people in the courts, on the streets, online and everywhere we can

DPAC wants to thank lipstick socialist readers who voted and urge you to take a look at the other awards for 2012 and the lipstick socialist site here


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  2 Responses to “DPAC Awarded Campaign of Year by lipstick socialist”

  1. The mental health charities are the worst

  2. How about DPAC start dealing with the ‘disability’ charities and organisations that profess such concern about disabled people – the charities with large boards members who are not disabled and hardly ever have anything to do with ‘real’ disabled people – the ones who sell disabled people down the river – the ones who are happy to work with the fascist government – the ones who are lining their own pockets in the name of welfare????

    Not even the labour party supports disabled people. The odd labour MP with an opinion has no sway whatsoever. The message that is getting out there is from the disabled community – but there is very little , if anything , to speak of from the disablitly charities, the TUC or the labour party. Balls and Byrne don’t count – they are part of the problem not the solution

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