Nov 102012

Tuesday, 13th November, the London Assembly Transport Committee will be meeting to discuss the transport legacy of the Games.

Access is firmly on the agenda! As you may know, the committee has been investigating the transport legacy of the Games and

Transport for All have been inputting our views as older and disabled transport users. 

The Committee will put questions to representatives from Transport for London, Network Rail and the Association of Train Operating Companies.

The meeting is at City Hall and begins at 10am. You can view the agenda here:

Transport for All will be attending: if you would also like to come, just turn up, no need to book! The building is wheelchair accessible and close by London Bridge station, which is stepfree to train.

If you would like to be met at the station, please email me and let me know you are coming, email

If you have any particular access requirements (e.g. palantypist) please email the committee officer 

If you do intend to come please drop me a line.

See you there!

Faryal Velmi


Transport for All

336 Brixton Road.




Tel:             0207 737 2339

Text:             077938 79643



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  2 Responses to “November 13th Paralympic Transport Legacy Lobby, London”

  1. I do not know if I am the one person out there, I have been advocating that we have all been conned by the Parympics hysteria. I have been surprised that DP Movement has not been speaking out against the Parlaympics for what it stands for, and the amount of our taxes being used to fund what is essential a segragated sports event for the elite. We should have been critical of the amount of money being spent on segragated elitist events, thart should be spent on facilating our inclusion. I have been speaking against the Olympics and Paralympics since the day London won the bid. The Paralympics have done nothing to raise the profile of disabled people other than for a few weeks or so. I see now we are back to business as usual in terms of usual media coverage of disabled people being scoungers etc etc. What legacy for disabled people – do not kid ourselves, the affordable housing that we are being promised, what at 80% of the market rent – how many disabled people are going to afford that, how many disabled people got plum jobs during the Olympics and thereafter. Oh I know of disabled people who were picked for giving thier free labour – but no PAID work. And now the legacy will; bring in loads of dosh for DDPOs – see no evidence of this either. All I see is that DDPOs existance is under attack. The Government has done a fab job in muting disabled people not to speak out against the Paralympics and Olympics on a ‘legacy promise’ . The only legacy I can see is
    1) welfare reform that will continue to push disabled people in poverity.
    2) constant attack on our inclusion (in every aspects of our lives)
    3) our entitlements and rights to exist as himan beings (independent liivng, autonomy, assistance etc)

    I see the Olympics and Paralympics demonstrates the worse of Britian and our captalist society whereby the only benefecturers are the rich muti national companies. We were all muted on the promise that we may get a few crumbs – and that is being generous. Interesting that Substantian Coe has also come out saying the Olympics promise has not dleivered – Oh could had told him that all those years ago.

    Simone Aspis
    (Changing Perspectives Director)

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