Sep 262012

We often don’t get a chance to let people know what we do other then our street protests and direct actions so we thought you might all be interested in what we’re all going to be doing over the next few weeks. Of course as well as this we have surveys to analyse and information to put together to submit to various UN bodies. Plus we have our normal campaigns to run especially those on WCA and ILF funding which seem to be going well.

All- attending Inclusion London conference on Rethinking Disability Equality Policy in a Hostile Climate.

October 7th– protest at the Tory party conference,Birmingham

October 20th – TUC march,London.

Roger – Recently spoke at Walthamstow anti-cuts mobilising meeting, also speaking inPortsmouth, at GMB Equality conference, and inLiverpool at a NW anti-cuts conference.

Ellen – Speaking inOxford, Tower Hamlets and at Unite the Resistance conference. Doing workshop at Climate Justice Collective event and manning a stall at the Anarchists Bookfare. PCS meeting.

Linda- Derby speaking at ALLFIE conference, PCS meeting and PCS-led Equality conference in Liverpool doing a joint workshop with Laurence Clark. Workshop with Faryal from Transport for All for Inclusion London leadership course.

Debbie- speaking at Disability Wales AGM, ENIL meeting inAntwerpand another ENIL meeting about austerity cuts.

Andy- Cuts Café workshop, Meeting in Luton, PCS meeting and full day networking event with activists in London.

We also have Mike speaking for us at a Unite the Resistance meeting inSheffield.

There may well be more that I’ve forgotten.



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  2 Responses to “What the Steering Group and co-founders are doing in the next few weeks.”

  1. Thank you Linda and DPAC for all you are doing!

    Every single one of us need to just hang in here and KEEP STRONG until we get this mess sorted out.

    I know it’s not easy, I’ve crumbled too, but if we get back up one more time than we’ve fallen we are still winners and we are ALL going to cross this finish line TOGETHER!

  2. More on the TUC March Oct 20 mentioned above:

    If you can’t join in person, you can still join in spirit online at the above link.

    Don’t miss the comments – ATOS mentioned!


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