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by Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC), Black Triangle and Social Welfare Union (SWU) 

In an answer to a parliamentary question on Atos from Frank Field (lab) Chris Grayling said:

“Based on the results of a trial during 2011, we have not implemented universal recording for claimants going through the work capability assessment (WCA).
We have asked Atos Healthcare to accommodate requests for audio recording, where a claimant makes a request in advance of their assessment.
This approach began in late 2011 and we will monitor take up during 2012 before making a decision on the requirement for recording assessments, taking into account factors such as value for money and the value it adds to the WCA process. As part of this process we are also reviewing Atos capacity to provide recordings for those claimants who currently request one”.

We at Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC), Black Triangle and Social Welfare Union (SWU) want to make sure that we gather the REAL facts on what people are experiencing. We suspect that the government will try to pull the option for recordings of WCA completely due to what they will say is a lack of demand, so we have put together a short survey to gather information on the demand for recordings and on other issues on the WCA.

Please pass this survey on to as many people as possible. If you know someone who would like a printed paper copy of this survey please send their details to mail@dpac.net.uk

 Go to survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FGKJBSQ



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  17 Responses to “UPDATE closes on 20th Sept Survey to collect your experiences of Atos/work capability assessment”

  1. Any Doctor who works for ATOS is no better than the Doctors who worked in Concentration Camps doing the selections –  ‘I’m only doing my job’.

  2. i have assesment on the 12 sept and really worried.im genuinely sick with broken back and heatt deseese.i can hardly get to toilet and they want me to go in.last assessment was 2 years ago at home.they wont have nothing of it. what can i do chris

  3. Hi I went with a friend, she was too scared to go on her own. Fibro plus numerous complaints zero points we asked for the documents on which the “assessment” was made. Appalled and shocked The resulting paperwork bore little or no resemblance to the facts. ‘she laughed and joked the whole time with her friend vinny’ BS my name was peppered through the doc. you would think I was the one assessed. The “healthcare pro.” acknowledged that my friend was in to much pain to attempt most of the movements, yet the Doc claimed ‘client refused’. Her own Doctor wants to go to the appeal (as if). The referred to another doc (ESA113) we asked for it also but 3 m,onths later refused.
    My friends “assessment” was nothinh more than a formality hence the zero rating.
    The first appointment was 6 floors up and as we both had sticks we were asked could we get down the stairs in the event of a fire. we both said no, so they cancelled and sent us to a town 30 miles away. Bearing in mind the appointment was for persons with disabilities do you not think it odd that Atos are six floors up.
    Friends doctor has written a letter for the appeal.

  4. I went to an ATOS medical in December. I scored 0 points. The medical report contained so many lies that I thought it belonged to someone else.
    Upon receiving all of the paperwork for the tribunal, I noticed that some of the things I had written in the ESA50 had been changed and nothing that myself or my partner had said at the assessment had been noted and the assessor had just written in what she wanted.

    I am still waiting for a tribunal date and all the stress has caused me to have a major heart attack.

  5. i am waiting to go for an assesment so i will ask for it to be recorded and let you know the outcome

  6. I had to take my 20 year old autistic son for assessment. Having been warned by my local welfare rights as to how disabled people are treated, the first thing I asked was if anyone doing the assessment of my son, had any in depth knowledge of autism. The answer I received was that they had some basic!!! understanding. I explained to them that autism was a very complicated condition and that unless they had specific expertise in the subject, I was taking my son home without him being assessed, which I did. I truly expected to receive a letter saying that his ESA would be suspended until he had an assessment but
    a week later we received a letter saying that my son was being placed in the support group for ESA. No further assessment required at this time. !!!! That tells me a lot…………

  7. Was called in for an ATOS medical in June 2010. Was not on disability benefits but Pension Credit. Submitted written statement with completed form before medical. The Doctor who spoke to me and gave me a cursory examination awarded me 0 points. He had obviously incorrectly filled in the answers to questions asked and also did not ask some of the questions he said were answered. The answers supposedly given by me totally contradicted my written statement!
    I was aware that, at that time no complaint against ATOS had been upheld. The latter plus the fact that they could not stop my Pension Credit (I was not on disability benefits), I decided to not complain/appeal. I had suffered stress for several months and wished to enjoy my retirement (not knowing what the ConDems had in store for us wrinklies).
    There was a sequel to this: Later that year my Mum died in a nursing home. I was sitting alone with my dead Mum and there was a knock on the door. It was a nurse with the on-call doctor who had arrived to verify my Mum’s death. I saw the shock in his face as he recognised me. I did not speak to him nor did my family as he left. Any other time, I would have told him what I thought of his grubby profession.Wonder how much he rakes in with all these little earners?

    • Hello Chooch, I have an idea that might work to shame these so called Doctors into resigning from Atos.After reading your experience I phoned the General Medical Council and made a complaint of Doctors and nurses in Atos Health as they are contravening the HIPPOCRATIC OATH and the PATIENTS CHARTER. If you download these you will see. They told me they cannot do anything to Atos….. but here is the loophole …. If you have been assessd get what is called a Face to Face report… the Doctors name will be on it ! Send it to the General medical council and stipulate that they are contravening the above and you want them called up to the medical board etc etc…. same for nurses except you have to sen it to the nursing and midwifery board.. If everyone does this it might cause a stir and hopefully mayhem in the Atos regime…pass it on ,, good luck

      • Hi Caroline
        I got a copy of my medical report form and it showed the name of the registered nurse who assessed me.I complained about her to ATOS and also sent a letter addressed to her at ATOS Birmingham.ATOS replied saying she no longer worked for them.I then complained to the Nursing and Midwifery Council about her and they replied that she had not renewed her registration and added that they would keep my complaint on file in case she applied again.It is a waste of time complaining to ATOS but well worth complaining to their proffesional bodies.

        • Hiya William , Yes hopefully we can name and shame them that way. Also if anybody goes to an assessment if you let the doc/nurse know that if you are not happy with the outcome you WILL be sending a report about them to the governing body as they are contravening the patients charter and hippocratic oath, even if they are from the E.U they still have to be regulated by our governing medical bodies…..

      • I will do this. I can’t believe the person I saw was a medical doctor. Apparently there are some working for atos who are not registered in this country. Thanks so much for the info.

        • I have also sent complaints about the Judge at my appeal. In a letter I was given the chance to provide additional medical evidence, which I did. At the appeal the judge said that she could not take into account my new evidence as she was only there to see if the original decision of finding me fit for work was correct. I lost my appeal and the Judge said she thought I was getting better. Had she read my new evidence she might have seen I was out of it on Tramadol.

  8. Hi. I tried to complete the survey but couldn’t because I cant submit it without answering question 6 and there is no suitable option for me to choose there. I asked for a recording and got the recording. Thanks. Tessa

    • Thanks for letting us know Tessa-its been changed now and there is no lock on question 6. If you go back you’ll be able to move on without answering question 6 , if you could say in the ‘further comments’ bit that you asked for a recording and got one. That would be great

  9. I found the whole experience de grading and aimed to discredit me; when I arrived there was CCTV everywhere the lift was out of action and the general attitude was much to be desired. At the interview I was asked loads of questions, all could be taken various ways, and the outcome was that I scored 0 out of 15! Only the positive parts were recorded and anything else was glossed over, it is a witch hunt against anyone with any disability and aimed at moving you onto a lower benefit!! I was told that I would be examined by a qualified nurse, the only thing qualified about her was the use of the computer.
    I have worked ever since leaving school over 38 years and when I need help I am treated like a convict, no worse than a convict like a lying cheat!! I am totally disgusted with the way I was treated and anybody else in our situation I bet they do not treat Asylum Seekers the same!”!”!

    • Asylum seekers are treated as badly. Just like this issue, a tale of horror occasionally floats to the surface (Jimmy Mubenga?) but most of the time, the popular media determinedly look the other way.
      Otherwise, I agree with your every word.

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