May 192012

An application has been made by members of the Mental Health Resistance Network for permission to have a Judicial Review of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and a judge has decided that there should be a hearing to decide whether to grant us the Judicial Review.

The hearing will happen at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London on Friday 29th June. We won’t know until the day before what time it will be heard. 

With thanks to MHRN for letting us publicise this. It is MHRN who have pushed this through, not any big charity -remember most activism is coming from grassroots groups-rather than well funded charities who like to try to claim the credit.

Lets support MHRN as much as we can with this great achievement on 29th June-hopefully the first of many challenges to the corrupt WCA…..




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  5 Responses to “MHRN get hearing for Judicial Review of WCA on June 29th”

  1. You have many peoples full support. Willing to help any way I can

  2. If you have any contact with the MHRN team presenting the Judicial Review, ask them if they’ve ever heard of the Milgram Experiment. It was the social sciences experiment done in the 1950s/1960s to explore individuals’ reaction to authority figures. Look it up – and then tell me it doesn’t apply to WCAs.

    With WCAs, non-specialist staff are being told by senior managers, politicians and the media that they have got to “crack down” on “scroungers”. The Milgram Experiment suggests that they will do just what they are told, no matter what the evidence of their own eyes, as long as someone more senior or “important” than them is telling them to do it.

  3. Does anybody know the specifics or details of the grounds for application judicial review against the WCA? Is it purely on the basis of its unfairness and that it has never been ‘fit for purpose’ from its outset or is there another reason? Will be following this, no doubt as will many others will great interest. This reform has caused so much heartache, distress and even deaths, that I am surprised it has taken this long for legal proceedings to be commenced. However, wishing you all the luck you may need and hoping that it is heard by an understanding Judge who may have knowledge of what is happening in the real world. Awareness needs to be raised of the other side of the coin since the media, in all forms, have failed to report matters factually adn that this is causing deaths.

  4. most activism is coming from grassroots groups-rather than well funded charities who like to try to claim the funding-thats what its all about for them, keep running the business as usual, get your hands on the cash left over by the closure of Remploy and bugger the disabled claimants they claim to represent.

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