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Two leading Scottish disabled people’s organisations have accused the minister for disabled people of lying about their involvement in a UK government consultation on welfare reform.

Three organisations – Inclusion Scotland (IS), Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCIL) and Independent Living in Scotland (ILiS) – were so angry at Maria Miller’s claims that they boycotted a meeting with her that should have taken place last week.

Miller had written in the Guardian: “I have personally met with over 60 disabled people’s organisations in the development of personal independence payment [PIP, the benefit due to replace working-age disability living allowance]and visited disabled people around the country to hear their views.”

A list of 50 of those disability organisations, obtained by Disabled People Against Cuts through a Freedom of Information Act request, included the names of IS, ILiS and LCIL.

But two of them – IS and LCIL – have told Disability News Service that they have never met with Miller.

They are also the latest organisations to express anger at how Miller has “misrepresented” the views of DPOs by implying that the government’s welfare reforms are backed by the disability movement and other disability organisations.

The meeting they boycotted was to take place in Edinburgh last week and was intended to discuss their response to a consultation on the government’s disability strategy.

Inclusion Scotland said it attended two meetings about the development of PIP with Department for Work and Pensions representatives last August, but Miller was not at either of them.

Bill Scott, manager of Inclusion Scotland – a national consortium of DPOs and disabled people – said: “It was a lie and there is no doubt about that. She shouldn’t have said that.

“She then went on to say there was a consensus in favour of welfare reform. There is no such consensus. On welfare reform, we are just implacably opposed to what they are doing.”

Scott added: “We just wanted to make a point last week that we were not going to be misrepresented. We have been very, very vocal opponents of welfare reform.”

He said IS would now have to examine its future involvement with the UK government on a “case by case basis”.

Catherine Garrod, information coordinator for LCIL, also said Miller had lied about meeting personally with her organisation.

She said: “We thought we had been misrepresented by the minister for disabled people. We are strongly opposed to what is happening with the welfare reforms.

“Everybody knows they have consulted, but they have not listened to what the response has been.”

Because of Miller’s actions, she said LCIL would now probably refuse to take part in any future meetings with the minister, although it would continue to provide written responses to UK government consultations.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokeswoman said: “The minister for disabled people was not referring to a specific meeting attended by 60 disabled organisations but was intending to make a more general point about the extensive consultation in which she and officials have been engaged since May 2010.”

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  3 Responses to “Minister ‘Lied’ over meeting Scottish DPO’s”

  1. The Guardian asked Maria Miller about the Spartacus report – “The report suggests the government has not adequately taken account of disabled people’s views in drawing up its proposals, not least because it ran a reduced consultation period of 10 weeks rather than the specified 12. Do you agree?” She replied – “…. I have personally met with over 60 disabled people’s organisations in the development of PIP and visited disabled people around the country to hear their views”. That was a lie as she had never met with several of the groups listed in the DWP’s response to DPAC’s FOI request including ourselves.

  2. Sorry i have been away from this for some time and have just read the above,why the hell was this not brought to the media(well some of them) after her sly dealing with all of the people trying to make the most of life employed with Remploy my heart goe’s to them all i thought when i first heard her in the commens at least she may stand up to the failed very failed ex leader of the CON’S IDS he is still trying to make it on the backs of all of us getting back because he did not make it to the top so he is trying is best to be in the history books of the **** who did not give a dam,JUST THINK IF THIS LITTLE HITLER SON GOT THROUGH TO BE THE SO CALLED LEADER WERE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER,god help us all
    even the fit people.

  3. Innuendo and persistent lies is all we seem to get from this government. Miller seems to be an ‘ace’ at misrepresentation of the wishes and needs of disabled people. She should be the Minister ‘Against’ Disabled People. She has little sympathy for any of us, instead we see wholesale cuts to our finances, denigration of disabled people everywhere and the rise in hate crime, generated by disparaging remarks to the right wing press.

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