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Disability Works UK is a not-for-profit consortium of eight national disability charities that have come together to provide tailored employment support to disabled people. Disability Works UK is not involved in the delivery of the government’s Workfare scheme.

Disability Works UK has secured a number of sub-contracts to delivery the Work Programme; the government’s employment initiative aimed at supporting long-term unemployed and disabled people into work. This programme is not related in any way to the Workfare scheme.

Through the Work Programme, Disability Works UK provides tailored support and training, including interview practice, skills development, help with job applications, CV writing and in-work support. We also work with employers to ensure that people are well supported in their roles.

Given the combined expertise of our members, we feel that we are ideally and uniquely placed to be able to offer disabled people high quality support that meets their individual needs. We are engaging with the Work Programme to ensure that people receive this tailored support, which we know works; and to give disabled people the best possible chance of success of securing a job.

DWUK believes that sanctions do not incentivise disabled people to look for work, nor do they give them the confidence to do so. DWUK will not be directly involved in delivering sanctions. This will continue to be the role of the DWP via Job Centre Plus.

Disability Works UK includes: SCOPE, MIND, MENCAP, Leonard Cheshire, Action for Blind People (RNIB)


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  7 Responses to “DISABILITY WORKS UK STATEMENT: we don’t do sanctions on work programs the job centre does it for us”

  1. Well good luck to them.
    By the time they have actually met people on WRAG, and realised that holding a pen and pressing a button are not usually the total requirements of employment, then they will find they backed a horse that turned out to be a donkey.
    A doubly incontinent 3 legged donkey.

    Its happened already – ask Papworth Trust… 😉

    Mind you its pretty generous of them to suggest they are going to refrain from doing something that they have no power to do anyway.
    What next?
    A declaration that they wont be stopping the sun coming up in the morning?

  2. Bollocks! they tarred and feathered collaborators durs WWII.

  3. They are hypocritical, lying bar stewards. Exploiting and preying on those they claim to support. It’s a money making fraud by the able at the expense of the disabled

  4. Interesting – I bet this Disabilitity Works UK are still required to report on disabled people who do not attend these organisation’s assistance programmes or do not comply with any of the benefit conditions to the Job Centre plus either directly or indirectly via the host contractor. Please note the careful wording of the press release, whilst Disability Works may not be directly involved, I bet they are indirectly via their reporting systems on how well their clients are doing in getting a job etc.

  5. nice statement, but there is one flaw in your finger pointing and denial about sanctions and that is that if a claimant does not attend or engage in the work program you are offering, their benefits are sanctioned…so you are working closely with the DWP on the issue of sanctions, which in-turn impacts on the lives of disabled people who are forced to partake in the work program you are delivering on behalf of the DWP.

  6. Seriously? Wow, how can anyone trust an organisation who both absolve themselves of responsibility and pass the ‘blame’ buck onto the people who are funding them?

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

    Employing Dante’s words
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

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